Hello dear Doll Diaries friends,

I would like to thank every single one of you who have sent in photos, left comments (all 200,000+ of them), shared our posts, stopped by for how-to’s and crafts, and have become a part of this amazing community. You mean so much to me. From the emails you send me, to the meet ups at American Girl Tysons, you have brought me (and my team) SO MUCH JOY over the past 9.5 years. It is just incredible.

When I started Doll Diaries almost 10 years ago, I never anticipated the journey it would take me on. I never envisioned the community we would build or the friends we would make. It was just another experiment of mine (some of my other web site experiments were not as successful). It was a way for me to share the love of dolls my daughters were developing and to inspire others to find new ways to be creative, as well.

I never imagined that my crazy idea of doing 100 consecutive days of doll play inspiration in June 2012 would be so incredibly popular and eventually lead to three summers of Camp Doll Diaries (2013, 2014, 2015).

But, all those things happened and I am so incredibly grateful for every single comment, email, friendship and business relationship that is the result of Doll Diaries. Really, you have no idea.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I either do things 100% or not at all. It is just how I am wired. I pour my heart and soul into things that I am passionate about – and for many years, that is how things were with Doll Diaries.  As many of you know, I have gone through quite a transition in the past two years. This transition has been hard, but it has been amazing – and has opened up some doors I previously thought were closed. I have been given the opportunity to really focus on the job I love the most again – coaching gymnastics. In many ways it is similar to what I have focused on with the site – inspiring girls to be the best they can be.

My girls are also growing up – one is graduating from high school and the other one is entering high school. While they still have a love and appreciation of dolls, they don’t play with them anymore. Their time spent doing doll crafts and coming up with fun hairstyles for their dolls has been replaced with sports practices, homework, theater and time hanging out with friends.

As my dear Ellowyne demonstrates best, this has been a hard decision for me to make. I have spent many hours thinking about how I could still manage to juggle the time/energy/passion required to make Doll Diaries a success with the time/energy/passion required to be the best coach, Mother and friend I can be. After much deliberation, I have decided it is time for me to “retire” from Doll Diaries.


  • Camp Doll Diaries – CDD will not happen this summer. As much as I wanted to find a way to make it work, I just can’t. The good news is that there is THREE YEARS or 36 WEEKS of camp themes and activities on the site – use them as inspiration (please do not republish them anywhere without permission), go back and do activities you missed or really enjoyed the first time. You can find them all here: CAMP DOLL DIARIES ARCHIVE or by searching specific topics in the search bar on the right side of the sidebar.
  • Sunday Showcase – I know this has been a favorite for many of you. It is my favorite post of the week, too. We are going to take a break from it for now. It may return – who knows?
  • Reviews – I have a closet full of goodies I still need to review – once Natalie gets out of school, she is going to be finishing up the reviews as her time permits. We may even do giveaways of some of those items, too.
  • Featured Posts – Do you want to write a post for Doll Diaries? I will continue to check my email and if there is a fun reader submitted post, I will happily post it for you. Just follow the instructions on our Get Featured page.
  • Karen, Anna and the rest of the Doll Diaries team – I know you have all grown to love the other writers on the Doll Diaries team – just like I have. They are the best – and they have become such great friends, too. You can still keep up with each of them on their own websites – Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog, Anna’s Doll It Up, Laura’s Me and My Inkling’s, Brandy’s Happy Home, and JGKelsey’s Journey Girls Adventures. All of them are more than welcome to stop by and add a post to the site when ever they would like, but be sure to visit their sites, too!
  • The site in general – well, for the time being, Doll Diaries is going to stay right where it is – which means you can visit any time – download one of our MANY printables, get inspiration for a craft, read a review, visit our merchant partners or continue the conversation on any given post. In the future, I may sell the site – if the right buyer comes along – and I may post from time to time, but for now, I am going to enjoy my “retirement.”

So, if you read that ENTIRE post – you are a rock star! Seriously – that ended up being a lot longer than I had intended.

Until we meet again!!