American girl I love lucy doll vitameatavegamin

One of my all time favorite “I Love Lucy” TV episodes is “Lucy Does a TV Commercial.”  This is where she has to sell the audience a bottle of Vitameatavegamin.  She goes on and on with her speech and ends up giving herself several spoonfuls of this elixir that is supposed to get you to good health.

Lucy doll inspiration

I wanted to recreate Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin outfit.  For inspiration I watched the episode on my computer.  I used my snipping tool and clipped several paused frames of Lucy’s dress.  Then I had to hunt down just the right fabric.  I found the perfect sized houndstooth fabric on an Etsy search.  It is a Michael Miller fabric in a very tiny houndstooth.

Doll Vitameatavegamin dress

Once I had the fabric and pictures, I  sent them to my friend, Carol, who owns Etsy shop, SewSewCarol:   Carol once again worked her magic and created an exact replica of this dress.  You can contact Carol via message at her Etsy shop for a custom order.

doll vitameatavegamin hat and shoes

Carol also created this incredible hat to match!  The details are incredible.  And of course Lucy had to have some high heels.  These heeled doll shoes were purchased here:

doll vitameatavegamin bottle

This doll just had to have a Vitameatavegamin bottle of her own!  I created an image in Microsoft Word, snipped it to create a .jpg and then edited it in  I have included a .jpg for your use.  DO NOT duplicate this label for sale.  This is for your only personal use only.

Vitameatavegamin Label

I found the perfect doll and child/adult sized PLASTIC bottles at  I purchased a 2 oz bottle for the doll and an 8 oz bottle for my daughter.  This image was then cut and pasted onto a mailing label, sized to desired size, and printed.  The label was then trimmed down and attached to the bottle.

Vitameatavegamin Bottles

I had initially purchased a small antique medicine bottle from a local antique store.  However, this bottle was very old.  When the resin hardens it swells a bit and the pressure cracked the glass.  That was when I decided an amber plastic bottle was the way to go.  No need to worry about filling it with resin.  I did use resin to fill the spoon and glass.

American girl Lucy doll

My daughters were thrilled how everything turned out!

VMV doll

Oh poor Lucy!  This commercial did not turn out like she hoped!

Lucy dolls

Here are a few pictures of the 18 inch doll with the Lucy Barbie.

black and white lucy doll

I created a vintage photo of Lucy in her iconic pearls and mink!

halloween vitameatavegamin outfit

Here is a picture of my daughter on Trick-or-Treat night.  We filled her Vitameatavegamin bottle with root beer!  I was a nervous wreck with her carrying around a glass bottle.  So glad I found a plastic one.

Here is the link to my Lucy Sales Resistance post:

Enjoy! cdd-brandy