American girl lucy chocolate doll

Next up in my Lucy Series of post is one of my absolute favorites!  This post is about the ‘Job Switching’ episode from the second season.  It first aired in 1952.  This episode was filmed with the help of See’s Candy Plant located in Los Angeles, which is still in operation today.

lucy doll chocolate factory inspiration

In this episode Ricky wants Lucy to try working for a week so she can learn the value of the almighty dollar as she’s just come home with another expensive dress. Lucy and Ethel get jobs at a candy factory. They try their hands at “dipping” chocolate centers and lacking grace or experience they soon have chocolate all over themselves and the factory.  Lucy ends up with a chocolate covered face.  They are then moved to a chocolate packing room.  At first it’s delightful and exciting, delicious and perfect chocolates are dancing down a production line on a conveyor belt. Their job is to wrap the chocolate in candy cups.  Quickly, their sweet excitement turns sour as they can’t keep up with a speeding conveyor belt.  I love it when the boss lady yells, “Let it roll!”  They begin stuffing chocolates in their mouths, blouses, and hats.  Meanwhile at home, Ricky is wrecking havoc at the house trying to clean, iron, and make chicken & rice.

Lucy chocolate factory doll outfit

This adorable Candy Factory Uniform was made by my friend, Carol, who owns Etsy shop, SewSewCarol:   Carol did a fantastic job and recreating an exact replica of this uniform.  You can contact Carol via message at her Etsy shop for a custom order.

american girl lucy doll

I love how I can get all of Lucy’s curls stuffed inside her cap.  Wouldn’t want to get any chocolate on them!  This Lucy doll is a recycled doll with a new wig.  This doll was originally made to be Princess Merida.  This wig is from Bravas International.

doll chocolate factory conveyor belt

For the conveyor belt I recycled our chemistry lab table.  You could use any table or box.  I wanted to create the little window where the chocolates come onto the belt; I recycled a jewelry box top, cut a small opening with an exacto knife, painted the outside silver and the inside black.  The table was covered in silver stock paper.  The belt is gray craft foam paper.  I wanted to create the looks of a rolling gear by taking a wood spool and painted it silver.  I hot glued one end of the foam paper around the spool.  You could also use a tube from paper towels or toilette paper for the round gear.  I cut smalls squares of tissue paper and placed near belt; ready for Lucy to start rapping…or not…haha.

american girl doll lucy chocolates

These AMAZING chocolates are made by Karalee who owns Dolly’s Dining Room.  This shop has become my go-to-place when I need doll food.  It is so realistic and prices are reasonable!  You can request custom orders too!  You can find Dolly’s Dining Room here:!home/mainPage.  I made the chocolate boxes by recycling  jewelry boxes and adding a picture of Lucy on top.  I have created a pdf printable of lucy candy box images for you to use.

Lucy Candy Box Printable

lucy doll danger sign

This factory would not be complete without the DANGER sign in the background!  I have included a pdf printable of this DANGER sign for you.

Lucy Candy Factor Danger Sign

Lucy doll with chocolates

Hey Lucy!  Why are the chocolates stuffed in your hat and down your shirt?!?!  What a mess!  I don’t think Lucy will be eating chocolates anytime soon!

lucy dolls

Here is a picture of the 18 inch doll with Lucy and Ethel barbies.

lucy chocolate factory barbie dolls

I love how they made the Barbie version of dolls cheeks all puffed out as if stuffed with chocolates!

Enjoy! brandy-sig