I love Lucy Sales Resistance doll

I was thrilled when I heard the news that American Girl would be releasing a 50s doll.  I was even more excited when I found out this 50s doll was a redhead!  But Maryellen wasn’t the redheaded 50’s doll I had been dreaming of…I wanted a Lucille Ball doll.  My oldest daughter and I are huge “I Love Lucy” fans.
lucy handy dandy vacuum for dolls

My daughters and I love to snuggle up together and watch the “I Love Lucy” shows that originally aired in the 50s.  One of our favorite episodes is ‘Sales Resistance.’

I love lucy doll inspiration

During this episode, Lucy can’t help the enticing sales pitch to buy the Handy Dandy Vacuum Cleaner.

doll handy dandy vacuum

Here is how I created a doll sized Handy Dandy Vacuum Cleaner:

Supplies:  snack size Pringles chip can, ½ inch round dowel rod cut to 10 inches, flat ½ inch dowel rod, wood doll pin stands, rectangle wood piece from Michaels, grey cording (22 inches), silver scrapbook paper, silver spray paint, one white pony bead, two clear pony beads, wood glue, glue gun, and a label maker.

doll vacuum steps

The can and all wood pieces were spray painted silver.  I used wood glue to attach a wood doll pin to the rectangle piece of wood.  The 10 inch round wood dowel was then glued into the pin at an angle.  Two doll pins were glued together to create the sweeper handle joint.  The grey cording was hot glued inside this joint.  The two ends of the can were covered with scrapbook paper.  Another doll pin was hot glued to the front of the vacuum cleaner and the other end of the cording was placed inside.  The feet and handle of the vacuum were cut from a thin piece of ½ inch rectangular dowel rod and cut with a fine tooth coping saw.  Feet and handle was glued in place with hot glue.  A white pony bead is added to make an on and off switch.  The sweeper label was made with a label maker.  Cording was found at www.linenmouse.com.

I love how the back end of the sweeper opens up!  It’s hard to tell what Lucy will sweep up by accident!  Makes for great play opportunities!

I love lucy american girl doll

Now for these phenomenal dresses!  This is Lucy’s navy polka dot iconic dress!  Both of these dresses were made by a friend of mine, Carol, who owns Etsy shop, SewSewCarol: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewSewCarol.  Send Carol a message via her Etsy store if you are interested in a custom order.  Her workmanship is spectacular.  My daughter will be Lucy for Halloween and was ecstatic with this dress!  Carol has years of experience sewing as a seamstress professionally.  Thanks Carol!

I love lucy dolls

We tried to recreate all details: thick lashes, bright red lipstick, pearl earrings, red nails, and white sash in hair.

i love lucy doll earrings

You can create those chunking pearl earrings for your doll by recycling an older pair of doll earrings and gluing pearl stickers over the tops.

i love lucy doll bag

Now for the Trick or Treat bags!  An adorable bag was found and purchased from Etsy store : Not Without Annete, https://www.etsy.com/shop/NotWithoutAnnette?ref=l2-shopheader-name.   Annette’s bags are high quality.  My daughter will use this for school once Halloween night is over.  Annette was so kind to make a doll sized version to match!  Thanks Annette!

Another bag was created by recycling a muslin bag.  I printed images from covers of the DVDs we have been watching onto Transfer Magic Paper.    Using fabric glue, I added red rickrack and a pearl button for accents.

doll mink wrap

Of course we have to stay warm on Trick or Treat night.   Lucy loves her mink coat!  This faux fur wrap was found on Amazon for around $30.  The doll sized wrap is from a retro Our Generation set.

Just wait for January!  I have three more “I Love Lucy” posts planned for you!

This Lucy doll is a recycled doll with a new wig.  This doll was originally made to be Princess Merida.  This wig is from Bravas International.