I love lucy italian movie doll

The last in the series of my Lucy posts was inspired by Lucy’s Italian Movie from season 5 Episode 23.  It first aired in 1956.

While on an uncomfortably cramped train ride to Rome, Lucy is offered the part of a typical American tourist in an upcoming Italian movie by director Vittorio Felipe. She is told that the English title of the movie will be Bitter Grapes. Lucy thought the title was a literal one, and she assumed that the picture was going to be about the winemaking industry and how the locals squeezed out the grape juice by foot. Ricky warns her to not go on a pursuit of “soaking up local color”, but Lucy naturally doesn’t listen. She finds out from the bellboy that old-fashioned winemaking still occurred in a small town named Turo, so off she goes on her journey.

lucy grape stomping doll inspiration

In Turo, Lucy is chosen to work in the vats, stomping grapes, because her feet were as big as “large pizzas.” Lucy takes the place of regular vat worker Rosa. The other worker given the task of working in the vats was a small but feisty Italian woman named Teresa. Lucy starts off on her grape-stomping adventure having lots of fun messing around in the vat. But soon, she is tired, and attempts to leave the vat. Teresa pulls on Lucy’s arm, trying to get her to keep working, but Lucy shakes off Teresa and accidentally pushes her into the crushed grapes at the bottom of the vat. Teresa and Lucy end up in an all-out war in the grape vat.

Lucy doll vat inspiration

Lucy returns to the hotel covered in purple-blue grape stains from head to foot. When Vittorio Felipe sees her, he explains that the movie is not about the grape/wine industry, and that the title is just symbolic. He says that Lucy can’t be in the movie, because she’s currently unable to scrub off the grape stains, and he can’t take a chance that she’ll look normal come filming time. So, Felipe offers Lucy’s small role to Ethel, since she is just as much of a typical American tourist as Lucy. Ethel accepts, and Lucy mutters “censored” remarks of jealousy about Ethel under her breath.

lucy doll italian movie outfit

This amazing Grape Stomping Outfit was made by my friend, Carol, who owns Etsy shop, SewSewCarol: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewSewCarol.   Carol did a fantastic job and recreating an exact replica of this outfit.  You can contact Carol via message at her Etsy shop for a custom order.

american girl doll i love lucy earrings

This custom Lucy doll is a recycled doll with a new wig.  This doll was originally made to be Princess Merida.  This wig is from Bravas International.  I pierced Lucy’s ears using the push pin technique.  You can find several YouTube videos.  The earrings were my daughters.  FYI when doing the push pin piercing, AG doll earrings will not fit (the holes are not big enough for AG earring posts.)

lucy doll vat

This Grape Stomping Lucy had to have a vat of her own.  I purchased a wood bowl from Target.  The bowl was lined with bubble wrap.  I did this for sound effects; when my daughter pushes the doll down on the grapes she gets a popping sound.  She loved it!  Next layer irregular shaped pieces of purple colored felt to give the vat the look of squashed grapes.  You can purchase mini sets of grapes from Michaels; they come in a four pack.

american girl lucy doll with grapes

Lucy started out pretty good.  Then what a mess!  Take the purple felt pieces and display in a disarray fashion for a look of Lucy chaos!

american girl doll and barbie lucy dolls

Here is this custom Lucy next to the Barbie version.

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Enjoy!  cdd-brandy