Available now in stores – the Hunger Games Katniss Doll by Mattel is flying off shelves. The doll is designed by Bill Greening and rather than give her a brunette Barbie face, Greening has given Katniss a look of her own.

The Hunger Games Katniss Barbie Doll

Whether you are a fan of the books and the movie or not (Megan loved the books, I don’t care for the story line), you can certainly appreciate the fascination and popularity of this character. The Hunger Games has overshadowed the Twilight Series in the blink of an eye.

Mattel’s version of The Hunger Games Katniss will be a black label doll, affordably priced at $29.99. Due to the limited run and popularity of the movie, I fully expect to see her going for much higher on the secondary market. If you are interested in adding Mattel’s Katniss Barbie to your collection, they are available now in stores, on Amazon.com,  Barbiecollector.com or EntertainmentEarth.com.

What do you think of the Mattel take on Katniss? It will be interesting to see which other doll manufacturers (like Tonner) get licensing permission and what spin they put on the characters. Also, I am pretty sure Katniss and the other Hunger Games characters will be very popular Halloween costumes this year based on some of the items I am already seeing like this Hunger Games Black District 12 T-shirt Costume.