As most of you know, my daughter Natalie is a swimmer – and swimmers have this thing about writing their events on their arms and legs with Sharpie marker so they know when they need to race. Last week after her swim meet, Natalie was so tired that she fell asleep before she could get all the marker off her arm and she just happened to be all curled up with her Bitty Baby Penelope, too. The combination of sweat from her arm and the Sharpie marker ended up transferring the word Medley Relay into poor Penelope’s head.

American Girl doll Bitty Baby with sharpie marker on her face

Natalie was heartbroken! We washed it with soap – nothing. We used make up wipes -nothing. Alcohol wipes – again nothing!

I posted this photo to a group of doll friends and got the suggestion of Oxy acne cream with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide from Charlie of And then I did more research and watched Stephenswodadancer’s video on how to remove Sharpie from  your doll’s skin, and she uses Oxy, too. We went to the store yesterday to pick up the Oxy but had to wait until today to try it because the sun never came out yesterday.

So a few hours ago, Natalie rubbed the Oxy all over the marker area on Bitty’s head, covered it with plastic wrap and set Bitty on the picnic table out back in the sun for about 2 hours.

When we came in and took a closer look, ALL OF THE MARKER WAS GONE!!

Clean American Girl Bitty Baby after Sharpie marker removal

Wow! The Sharpie is all gone!

We were lucky and the words transferred onto Bitty came out quickly, but for some stains you may have to repeat this process a few times before you get success.