Let me start off by saying, DO NOT pierce your doll’s ears without first getting parental permission, and I highly recommend that you have parental supervision while doing this. Also, if you pierce your dolls’ ears, it is PERMANENT so think long and hard about taking on this project first.

Now that I got all that out of the way, TracAn posted a very detailed tutorial on piercing your doll’s ears in our forum and gave me permission to repost it here.


  • Pencil to mark the place to pierce
  • Needle nose pliers to hold the pin or needle
  • A thin pin or needle, make sure it is a thin one
  • Lighter to heat the pin or needle
  • Earring to put in the ears

Tools to pierce vinyl dolls ears

Use the pencil to mark where you want to pierce the ear

How to pierce a vinyl doll's ears

Hold the pin with the needle nose pliers so that you do not burn your fingers when the pin is heated and it is easier to hold steady.

How to pierce a vinyl doll's ears

Do not try to push the pin straight in – it will bend.

Piercing a doll's ears

If you work more from the front, you can see the earrings better and they fit their ear more securely.

Pircing doll's ears

Next hold the pin or needle and use the lighter to heat it up so that it will melt through the plastic (PLEASE use ADULT supervision with this part – I’m serious!!!)


Brace your hand on their shoulder and line the pin up where you want it.

Piercing a doll's ears

Then you can slide the pin in and pull it back out immediately.

Doll ear piercing

And the result:

Doll's pierced ears

Thanks TracAn (aka The Crazy Doll Lady – check out her cool store)!