I have to apologize to Brandy – she graciously sent me this AWESOME write up ages ago and I kept forgetting to post it. Enjoy!!


Doll Sized Store

Last year I created a Doll Starbucks. Starbucks happens to be a favorite stop of mine when running errands. It also happens to be inside the Target Store. One afternoon my youngest daughter told me, “Mom, you know I think the Doll Starbucks is really cool. It would be cooler if we could have a Target to go with it.” Hint-hint-hint. I had to think on this for a bit. 

Then one day I was cleaning out my home office and came across a few acrylic office supplies that I wasn’t using. So by recycling these items and using Target and American Girl’s Campus Snack Cart for inspiration I was able to make my daughters a very cute store.

Doll store

Corn Steamer and Pretzel Warmer: I used my acrylic business card holders.

For the corn I cut off the pointed ends of my corn shaped corn cob holders. I glued a light green pony bead to the end. Then I cut small strips of green foam paper and glued 3-4 pieces into the end of the bead. For the pretzel warmer I cut a small piece of foam into a long triangle and cover with silver card stock paper. I placed the covered triangle into one of the business card holders. I used real bite size pretzels and sprayed them with sealant to make them harden.


doll sized icee machine

doll sized icee machine

Icee Machine: I used a rectangle shaped paper mache box and spray painted it silver. I used two flat rectangle shaped pieces of wood and spray painted one piece silver for the base and the other black for the icee sign. I found an icee picture online and printed it out to fit. I glued the printed picture to the black piece of wood. I then used card stock paper in red, blue, and green to make circles for the back of each dispenser. I then glued a pony bead in place. On top of each pony bead I glued a tear dropped bead. I cut a very tiny piece of black foam for the dispenser handle. I cute a small piece of textured black paper and glued to the bottom to represent a drain panel. A label maker was used to make the flavor tags. I glued black pony beads to each of the bottom corners for legs.

doll sized icee machine

Icee: I used equal parts of Easy Cast clear casting epoxy in equal parts. I use small medicine cups. I measure equal parts of resin with hardener, mix slowly until clear, add 1-2 drops of food coloring (or other pigment), mix until blended. Then add lots of sea salt. Mixture needs to be very thick to make the top mound up. I placed mixture in a communion cup. Cut a cocktail straw down to size. Let dry for 1 day. I found this epoxy at Michael’s craft store. Use your coupons, it can be pricey.

doll sized popcorn machine

doll sized popcorn machine

doll sized popcorn machine


Popcorn Machine: This was made from an acrylic index card box. I covered all sides with stock paper in desired color and style. I used 3 inch wood die-cut wagon wheels found on Etsy. I used a yellow marker to color the wheels. I hot glued wheels to container. I used the metal dish from a tea light candle to act as the popper. The popper was glued to inner top with strips of gray paper and hot glue. I cut a small strip of gray paper to the bottom front to keep popcorn inside of machine. Popcorn was made out of torn pieces of cotton balls rolled up and I used a yellow marker for buttery accents. Popcorn containers are various sizes of paper sample cups.

doll sized fridge

Mini Fridge: This was made from any acrylic office supply box. I had used this for sticky notes and paper clips. I traced out all sides onto silver cardstock paper. After each piece was cut out I glued them onto the box with spray glue. Be careful!! Spray glue can be messy. Wash and dry hands frequently. I glued black pony beads to the bottom corners for legs.

doll sized fridge

doll sized sweets

Sweets Display Case: I used another acrylic office supply box. I placed inside little cake shaped erasers that I found in the dollar bins at my local Target store.

doll sized fridge

Mustard and Ketchup: These were wood shaped bottles that I painted. I used a label maker to make the lettering. I found these on caseyswood.com.

Food Containers: These are the lids to very small jewelry boxes.

Shopping Carts: These were found on Ebay.

Target Shirts: The red shirts were purchased on Etsy. For the Target logo I used Transfer Magic transfer paper.

*All acrylic containers had been purchased at the Container Store.
**The fries, hotdogs, ice cream cones pictured are also erasers found in the dollar bins at Target. The ice cream sandwiches were made out of thick white and thin black foam paper. Scalloped scissors were used for the edges. A white marker was used on tops and bottom for details.
*** I used various shelving and items to recreate a store for the dolls to shop at.

My daughters loved their surprise. I hope you enjoy it too!