Saige sure has inspired a lot of wonderful doll crafts and something tells me, she is happy about that! Anna has another Saige (AG, GOTY) inspired craft for you today! It’s a crafty version of the woven panel in Saige’s meet dress. She’ll show you how to take that look and make a southwestern belt for your doll to accessorize any doll outfit!

Make a Southwestern Style Belt for dolls

I have two favorite things about this project. The first is recreating that fun southwestern design. I enjoyed trying it in Saige’s colors and trying my own colors.

Make a Southwestern Style Belt for dolls

The fun geometric design would be great in any color combo!

Make a Southwestern Style Belt for dolls

The second favorite I have today is color infusing felt!

Make a Southwestern Style Belt for dolls

See the bold colors! Would you guess it comes from regular old crayons? It’s fun and easy! You’ll soon be designing your own doll belts!

Let’s get started and take a look at most of the things you’ll need.


  • felt
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • crayons
  • velcro
  • -needle
  • thread
  • paper 8 1/2 X 11
  • ruler
  • scrap of cotton fabric 14” x10” (not pictured)
  • iron (not pictured)

1. The Belt Pattern

To get started we are going to make the belt pattern. On the long side of your paper, mark 1” at both ends.

Line up your ruler with the marks and draw a straight line.

Cut out along the line.

Repeat so you have 2 strips of paper. (If you are using 12X12 paper, you only need one strip of paper.)

Lay one strip on top of the other to equal 12”. This is the same length as my felt sheet.

Tape the pattern together.

Pin the pattern in place on the felt sheet.

Cut it out. Cut a few out so you can try your own color combinations!

2. The Southwestern Design

Now that your belt is cut out of felt you can decorate it anyway you like! Of course the inspiration for my southwestern design comes from the woven waistband on Saige’s meet outfit. I’ve written out some detailed instructions so you can give the southwestern look a try. If you want to create your own pattern or design you will see how easy it is.

To start the southwestern design, mark the felt with a pin every 1 1/4”. There will be a little felt left over for the velcro closure.

With a turquoise crayon mark an X at every other pin as shown. One tip is to press hard as you color or go over the design again at the end. If there is plenty of wax on the surface of the fabric you will get bolder colors in the end.

With a blue crayon draw a diamond over every other pin, as shown.

Here is a close up to show you how the crayon goes on. It may seem smeary. That’s normal!

It may not seem like it, but we have laid down the basic pattern for the design! Now we are going to fill it in! Color in the top of the X with the blue crayon. Since this design has 2 colors we are always trying to alternate the colors, so don’t be confused by the blue and turquoise references! Just remember you are alternating the colors, always putting the turquoise next to blue, not turquoise next to turquoise!

Color in the diamonds with turquoise.

We are going to fill in the spaces between the diamonds and X’s. Basically, draw 4 sideways V’s alternating turquoise, blue, turquoise, blue.

Continue along, filling each space between the diamonds and X’s with the sideways V’s, until the belt is filled! Remember to alternate colors!

Here is the belt all filled in. I’ve marked the basic X and diamond pattern so you can see how things fit together!

Here is the version made in the colors of Saige’s (AG, GOTY) belt. The difference between the two is not the pattern but the color placement. Again, I’ve marked the diamonds and X’s in the basic pattern so you can see how it all fits together!

Now we get to the fun part! It is the transformation of smudgy crayon on felt to a color infused felt belt! What is our secret tool?

3. Melt the Crayons

In this step you’ll need an iron. Irons are hot and can be dangerous. Get help from an adult with this step! You can both watch the transformation of the felt!

Before you start to iron make sure you have enough crayon on the felt. You can always trace over it a second time in areas that aren’t filled in enough. You will get a bolder look if there is more crayon on the surface.

Back to melting! Take a scrap of cotton fabric. I tried a variety of fabrics but the cotton worked best. You can use a higher temperature on cottons and it is thin, transferring the heat well. You need to protect your iron from the melting wax, so be sure to double fold your cotton fabric so it won’t leak through onto the iron or ironing board.

In the picture below the belt is placed on one side of the folded cotton fabric. To iron, fold over the other half of the fabric.

With the iron on the “cotton” setting, set the iron for 10 seconds at a time on a section. Then check the belt. I had to make several passes of 10 second to the transformation to fully take place.

It is done when the wax from the crayon melts down into the felt and doesn’t sit on the surface anymore! Now the felt is color infused! You can stop here! The color infused belt is awesome!

4. Decorative Stitching

You may want to add a little dimension and detail with these decorative stitches. With needle and thread sew and X on each diamond and X, on the original pattern.

Here is a close up of the detail.

This is what the detail looks like on the Saige (AG, GOTY) inspired belt.

5. Velcro

Add a tab of velcro to each end. I like the “snag free” velcro. It really is snag free!

All finished and ready to try on!

Add a fun southwestern flare to your dolls outfit! Try it with your favorite colors!

Or try it with the colors on Saige’s (AG, GOTY) meet dress!

Get crafty and have fun creating!

A few more details:

  • Dolls: Julie, AG Historical Doll and Morgan, AG #25 
  • Outfit: Julie’s Casual Outfit and Cap, AG Soft-as-Snow Outfit
  • Hairstyle: 2 strand twisted rope braid