One of our readers, Jane, sent in this neat tutorial for making a bedside table for smaller dolls out of a plastic Easter Egg. I thought using the Easter Egg was super cute and if you use the bigger eggs, I think this would work for 18″ dolls, too.

This is the finished product – cute, right? Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • Craft foam
  • a pen
  • wooden beads
  • an Easter egg
  • hot glue ( not shown) – please get an adult to help with using the hot glue
  • glitter glue
  • scrapbooking paper ( not shown)
  • and fake flowers

Start by take the bigger egg piece and make an imprint in some craft foam.

Next, cut around it with a little (or a lot) extra.

Glue the two egg halfs opposite each other (the bigger one should be on the top, but you could do it vise versa)

Then put hot glue inside/on the imprint.

No, it did not magically turn pink! I accidentally used too much (WAY TOO MUCH is more like it) hot glue on the first one and got hot glue all over, including my hair!

Any who, this is what should look like. At this point, you are done. Or, take it a step further and follow these instructions for decorations!

Glue scrapbooking paper and craft foam together.

And then a wooden bead. Write a random time on it, and glue it to the table. Now you have a clock!

Put glue on one side of a rectangle of foam.


Meet the other side…

Then fill it with wooden beads for weight. Stack wooden beads together and glue them. Glue on the ‘lamp shade’ and you have a lamp!

Add glitter glue if you want and you are done!

Sorry for the bad quality photos. I am debating if I should buy a camera (these were taken by my iPod) or Saige.. But probably Saige!

Thanks Jane – even though they weren’t the best quality photos, they were still clear and we can follow along to make our own easily. If you have a craft tutorial, photo story or review you want to submit, please take a look at our page – Get Featured – for all the details!