How to make a cast for dolls This has been a pretty traumatic week around here which is why posting has been pretty light. On Monday night I went to pick up my older daughter from gymnastics practice as usual and when I got there her coach told me to come quick, she had just hurt herself. Having been a gymnastics coach for most of my adult life, I knew this wasn’t good. And when I saw her arm propped up on the mats with an ice bag, I knew immediately that we were going to the ER.

We spent most of Monday evening in the ER. I went into the x-ray room with her and x-ray technology nowadays is just too cool! They took the x-ray and put the cartridge in a machine and the image of her bones popped up on the monitor in front of us.Β  From the first look, I could see the break. The entire pointy part of the inside bone near her elbow had broken off. They wrapped her up in a soft cast and told us to see an orthopedic doctor.

To make a long story short, yesterday was spent running back and forth between doctor’s offices and getting a temporary hard cast put on, getting a physical done, and getting things ready for tomorrow’s surgery. Her doctor said the bone needs to be reattached immediately – especially if she ever wants to do gymnastics or cheerleading again.

Tomorrow she will have the surgery and that means I will not be around all day (although I can approve comments from my phone) and if all goes well she can come home tomorrow evening. She is very nervous (so am I) about the surgery thing but I know this is for the best.

So, in Megan’s honor, I went looking this morning for a tutorial on how to make a cast for your dolls. I found a really cute one on Craft Gossip and thought I would share. I am thinking I may need to make some of these for our dolls, too. To learn how to make a cast for your dolls, visit Anne’s Tutorial: All Bandaged Up on Craft Gossip.

I’ll try to post an update but in the meantime, send positive thoughts Megan’s way.

UPDATE!! Megan’s surgery went great!!Β  She should be good as new in about a month.Β  Thank you so much for all the kind words – you all are the best!!