When I saw other crafters with these cute Dollar Store solar mini lamps I rushed out to get a set.  However, to my disappointment my adorable little lamps turned out to be little duds.  Neither lamp worked…no matter how long they sat in sunlight or changing the back-up batteries.   So with my I can make something with that mentality, I recycled a new lamp; in the process I found something that makes wonderful doll sized light bulbs.

First I easily disassembled the lamp.  I completely removed the solar components of the lamp by simply popping it out.  I then decorated the shade with black jewels.  I could not use ribbon due to the angle of the shade…I tried but the ribbon kept bunching up.   Next, I hot-glued the shade directly over the lamp base.  Now for the light bulb…

I knew I couldn’t use a standard candle led light; I didn’t want the light to be yellowed or to flicker.  I found submersible LED lights.  These lights are found in the floral sections of your craft store.  They are meant to be put in vases of floral arrangements.  The casing is smaller than candle led lights and the light is brighter.  Plus, you can get them in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.  I purchased mine in a 12 pack from Amazon for around $8.  You have to remove a piece of plastic to activate the batteries.  This one turned on by twisting clockwise.  I placed the light face down at an angle toward the front of the lamp.

I love how the lamps turned out!  The rooms are filled with a wonderful bright light.  These pictures were taken with all other lights off and no camera flash. These bulbs would also work great in a variety of night-light casings (such as lanterns or sconces) that I have seen…that is if the night light can be taken apart and reworked.  These are great when your dollhouse is not wired.

For more information on this particular doll room see here: http://dolldiaries.com/parisian-inspired-doll-bedroom/ .

Craft on!