Karen here, today I wanted to show you a fun and easy way to create a Holiday photo shoot for your dolls using items you may have at home or that you can find at your local dollar store. For editing all my photos I use Picmonkey – it is free and easy to use. It also has some fun free holiday overlays you can use to create photos like the ones I use here on Doll Diaries. For this post I used my phone to take the photos, you can use any digital camera , the right lighting and imagination to create great doll photos.


To create my back drop I used a roll of wrapping paper and scotch tape. I also used a sparkly box as a photo prop. I put my doll in one of my most favorite holiday outfits and shoes and I was ready to start! In my living room I have a china cabinet covering one wall, you can if you have space tape the rolling paper onto a wall but as all my wall space was used I carefully taped the wrapping paper to the glass. I unrolled the roll of wrapping paper trying not to wrinkle it as I went. I unrolled enough from the spool so that it was not pulling on the back or on the ground.


I then added the big red box I bought at the dollar store. I then tried different poses with my doll and settled on a sitting pose for my main photo. I moved the camera around the doll, getting up close and then pulling back to get different angles. holidayphotoshoot-4

The above two photos are examples of the before and after. The first one has no correction or overlay from Picmonkey. The second one has the Holiday Greeting, Frosting and auto correct color as well as I used the rotate feature to move the doll closer in my photo.


Here is Step by Step how I edit a photo. First I take the photo, then I down load it to my laptop. I upload the photo to Picmonkey. Then I use the crop feature.


Next I re-size the photo to 540, this way it is not to big for being on my website or here on Doll Diaries. Then I click the Themes button, this shape changes depending on the season right now it is a Snowflake.


When I click the Snowflake a menu comes up, shown on the top right photo. I clicked the frost button and the white boarder appears on my photo. Once I have the boarder on, I click the box image above the paint brush image to bring me back to the menu, then I click the rotate button, this helps me zoom in on my photo, straighten or un-straighten the image.


Lastly I add my signature to the bottom of the photo. Click the letter T on the menu page, then add text button, and then select the font you wish to use, I used Playball for signing my name on the photo. You can write greetings or quotes, sign your name and do so much! You can even change the color as I did from black to white.


Here is the final result! It is really fun to play around with your photos and the more you do the better at it you will get! I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial and that you will give photo editing a try!