How to do a waterfall braid for dolls My older daughter Megan loves everything about hair, makeup, nail polish and fashion. She even has her own blog where she does reviews of her own that are age appropriate for tween/teen girls called Even better, she loves to make videos! We just published another one of her doll hairstyle videos on YouTube this morning and there should be another one coming later this weekend, too.

The hairstyle Megan has done on Julie’s hair is called The Waterfall Braid and even though it looks super fancy, it is not too difficult to do. It works best on dolls (and girls) with straight hair – especially when you are first getting the hang of it.

Here is the tutorial on how to do the Waterfall Braid. Megan was going to “tell” you how to do the style but the dog kept running through the kitchen, the phone would ring, or someone else would make noise so we just decided to add the steps and give you some Selena Gomez to listen to while you watch!

Click on the video to watch it here or go to YouTube and watch it there. Either way, be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can find all our videos easily.

PS. Yes, she got her cast off and is good as new now. Thanks for all the kind comments for her over the last few weeks.