Camp Doll Diaries Week 6

Going to horse camp means not only learning to ride but also learning how to take care of the horses.  Healthy horses have strict diets of feed and hay but sometimes enjoy an occasional treat like an apple.  Here are some doll sized craft projects you can make that will create hours of fun play for girls who have dolls with horses and pets.

Supplies you will need for today’s activities include:

  • Small tin pails (check craft store, dollar store and dollar aisle at Target)
  • Krylon spray paint (optional)
  • ModPodge for Kids
  • Labels – download as PDF file.
  • Felt – brown, red or color of your choice
  • Hole punch
  • Embroidery floss and ribbon
  • Iron on ink jet printer transfer paper and an iron (get adult help)
  • Skewer or stick
  • Phoomph or cardboard for strength (optional)
  • Tacky glue
  • Buttons or other embellishments

Make the Feed Buckets:

Step 1 – To make the feed buckets, use Krylon  black spray paint in a well ventilated area (outside!) to paint them.

Step 2 – Print and cut out the labels from the Doodle Patterns download.

Step 3 – Follow the instructions on Mod Podge for Kids to adhere the labels.

Download the doodle labels as PDF file.

To Make the Feed Bag:

Step 1 – Cut two pieces of felt that measure 4×5 inches and sew them together around three sides using embroidery floss and leaving  about 3/4 inch at the top. 

Step 2 – Punch holes around the top and thread thick ribbon through them to tie it shut. 

Step 3 – Use a piece of inkjet iron-on transfer paper to make the label and iron it on.  The download has the labels in reverse for this purpose.

I think it is adorable!

Make the Horse Flag:

Step 1 – To make the horse flag, use the iron-on transfer paper with the horse doodle and put it on felt. Cut it in a triangle shape and then cut another piece of red a slight bit larger. 

Step 2 – To get them to stick together, I recommend Phoomph.  I love Phoomph for kids because it cuts easily and works great.  If you don’t have Phoomph you can use a piece of cardboard glued on the back for strength or go without.

Step 3 – Lay a skewer on the back side and fold over the edge, and glue it using tacky glue or hot glue.

Step 4 – Add your favorite buttons or embellishments for final touch.

All of the snacks in the pails and bag are edible for kids.

For the recipes, visit my website where they are posted and ready to be made in your kitchen.

Happy Taking Care of Horses, Dolls, Pets and Each Other,