A few weeks ago Madelon reported finding Kidz ‘n Cats doll Jakob on sale at Tuesday Morning for an unbelievable price. Diana contacted the store and they would not ship it to her. Luckily Madelon came to the rescue and helped Jakob find his new home. Here is a little story from Jakob (and Diana) about his journey and meeting new friends.

Hi, my name is Jacob and I come from a long line of famous ancestors, mostly girls.  I am but one of the few boys and I have blonde hair and brown eyes.  My creator is Sonja Hartmann, who is very well known.  I was created in 2009 and since then I have been traveling and what a journey!  I was manufactured in Europe and was sent to the USA to be sold, but I just sat on the shelf.  In the winter of 2012 I was shipped to a store called Tuesday Morning in hopes that I would join a loving family for the holidays.  Oh how I waited, but instead I was put on a shelf and before I knew it I was tucked away, and no one saw me.  Time passed and passed, then I saw a light!  I got my hopes high when I saw a nice lady taking my picture, maybe she will take me home, but she walked away. It seemed like I was destined to be alone, but wait what is happening a gentleman has moved me to the front of the store, oh no what is happening?  He tucked me away again!  A few days passed and the nice lady that took my picture came back and is taking me home, I was so happy. But wait she did not take me home, she is sending me away, I heard her say “Please package him nicely and send him to Atlanta, Ga”.  Where am I going?….signed Jacob

Jakob (now Jacob) has arrived in Atlanta, Ga as I explained to him, that he was meant to be with me and joined by his sisters (Grace, Laura, Helen, Nikola).  Jacob now understands that he had been sent to New Jersey in 2012 but when the nice lady (Madelon) found him, his picture was posted in Doll Diaries and I knew he was meant to come to Atlanta, Ga.  His first stop was the ice cream parlor where he met up with his sisters.  They all welcomed him home and he loves root beer floats.

Jacob had to take his winter jacket and scarf off since it is so hot in Atlanta and of course his hair had to be styled.  He then went to the lake where he met up with the other boys.  Jacob loves the lake.

A group picture of Jacob and his new friends.  He is really to start his adventures and be part of the Doll Diaries stories.

Pictured from left to right: Henry (Pottery Barns Kids Gotz), Jacob (Kidz n Cats), Tony (Harmony Club), Peter (Gotz).

Thank you Doll Diaries community (Char & Madelon) for allowing Jacob to come home.