Karen here with some of the most wonderful little books my boys found me for my dolls last Christmas. These little story books are inexpensive and can easily be found at your local book stores.


Mini American Girl Dolls already come with some wonderful doll sized books but you can actually find little books almost anywhere. I found some in a second hand book store recently for under $1!


You can also make your own mini books and even make a doll sized book shelf with items from the dollar store. Party stores also have mini coloring books under $1 that are the perfect doll size!  To make a bookshelf like the one I did in the photo please click here.


I just learned of this Icelandic tradition which I am doing this year for my own family and it is something I hope to do each year from here on out. On Christmas Eve books are exchanged and people give each other books and chocolate, then they head to bed to read and enjoy a chocolate treat! I think this is really a neat idea and I hope my family enjoys it too!