This hippity hoppity Halloween bunny costume is simply too adorable on Grace.  Making costumes for the dolls is so rewarding.  They come together quickly and dressing them up and changing the costumes from doll to doll is just so much fun.


We used Kunin Group’s new Eco-Fi Shaggy Chic to make this.  I took some pictures of how we did it because we didn’t have a pattern.  My biggest suggestion is that if you decide to create a costume, after you trace your doll, Allow LOTS of extra fabric around the outline so you can have what you need after you sew it to get the dolls in and out of what you make.   After you sew it and flip it, cut it from the neck down (on the back) to ALMOST the legs so you can get your doll into it.   I pinned the top shut.


Mogi (our black cat) apparently wants to be a bunny for Halloween too.

Ta Da!


I got the clip on ears at the Dollar Spot in Target.   Of course I sewed a matching bag for her candy to go it while she trick or treats!


That pom-pom tail was a blast to make.  I had no idea my girls had yet to learn to make yarn pom-poms.  Now I am imagining them all over our home soon!  It has been requested that I buy MORE yarn in LOTS of colors.

Pom Pon

Isn’t it the cutest on her little white bunny self.


I think it is funny to see a bunny bag (so spring-like) in a fall tree.  Cute…but silly at the same time.


Cheers to all Things Halloween and Dress Up,