Help Us Say Farewell to Samantha

Farewell to Samantha
Today American Girl will announce that Samantha Parkington, one of the original American Girl historical characters, will be archived or as some call it, retired.

Doll Diaries has partnered with American Girl to let readers and Samantha fans from across the globe say farewell. The upper right part of the Doll Diaries page contains a special message area where you can read farewell messages to Samantha and then if you click on it, you can go to the American Girl site and leave your own message.

Tell your friends or post about it on your favorite American Girl message board – but this is your opportunity to send Samantha a special message and let American girl know how much she will really be missed!!

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  1. Sienna C, if you have to go, then do it but you’ll be amazingly missed. :)
    LOL zoe thats funny, i doubt its her but you never know. 😉
    yes that means we have till the 31st to stop em….. :)

  2. ^ is willing to start a petition to make sienna c stay…
    lol jk
    you’ll be missed sienna c! :(

  3. and “the busytown caretaker” if you want to view it besides the link just click on my name : )

  4. busytown- You’re never too old to cry about this! I’m thirteen, and I cry about this! Well, not like wail or anything, but I’ll nearly cry whenever I look at Samantha.

  5. And Sienna C.
    DON’T GO! Are you leaving PERMANENTLY? Or will you come back, like I did?

  6. the busytown caretaker says:

    dont leave sienna!

  7. Sienna C. says:

    Well, I dont want to spam this so I’ll post it in one short post.

    I might come back if I get the chance. i am going to pretend it never happened, and tell no one online what exactly is going on, because it’s huge in real life and I need to get away from it some how.

    So I’ll try to get on, and pretend nothing happened. If I do deside to tell you it’ll be in private convorsations.

    So, as if nothing happened, I’ll continue on posting.

    -Sienna C.

    and this became long, sorry for spamming Char

  8. Hey guys no ones been posting much on here have we switched?

  9. No, not that I know of, I think everyone’s really busy with Halloween and stuff, so they haven’t been on lately.

  10. the busytown caretaker says:


  11. Holly – I will check out your web-site right now. And I am from Alabama my self! the only AG dolls I have are Nellie. My mom may be getting Samantha for me at Christmas!!! But my mom will only say maybe when I ask for Sam. I soooooooooooo hope my mom gets Sam for me!? Has anybody here ever lived in Kansas? bye-bye

  12. Everyone- what will you guys be for Halloween? I will be a genie!

  13. the busytown caretaker says:

    im a witch! not very original but tons of people complimented my hat. one lady a actually said, “would you like some candy, little girl?” and then,” bye, bye, sweetie!”
    honestly, i am very nearly thirteen but most people think im nine.
    guys never look at me.

  14. the busytown caretaker says:

    NICOLE, i strongly advise you not to answer holly. you dont know if shes really a kid like us. i hope im not offending anyone by saying this, but bad stuff has happened to people i know. i just want everyone safe.

  15. The question has been deleted – please do not ask others for personal information or give it out either.

  16. Srry guys I am only 12 and i wasn’t thinking!!! Didnt mean to scare or offend anyone!!

  17. Bye guys, nice knowing yall. :( My feelings were hurt, and i do not want to come back on for a while. I was new and i didnt mean to freak out any1. so bye 4 at least a while.

  18. Holly – don’t take it personally, it is just that we all get a little complacent some times on line. This is not the first time I have had to remind my readers to use common sense and online safety – and I know it won’t the last.

    I am a mom and I want my readers – regardless of age – to have a safe, friendly place to share their love of dolls with other doll fans online. So, don’t be offended by our reminders.

  19. the busytown caretaker says:

    im sorry i was so blunt. thats a personal issue for me and probably why i dont have many friends. sorry you took it so personal.

  20. the busytown caretaker says:

    i tried not to hurt anyones feelings. it just hits very close to home.

  21. Sienna C. says:

    wow I didn’t realize the convorsation went on here. Char, if I posted a secondary email address on here would it be deleted? It’s the one for my website American Girl Blog, so it’s kind of an obvious email. it’s not personal :)

    let me know!

  22. the busytown caretaker says:

    is everyone else mad at me too?

  23. so are we chatting on here still how botu we switch to the american girl dvd one kk

  24. Sienna C. says:

    I think I’m gonna stay here until a new thing is posted (not the halloween parade, if something gets posted after that then yeah i’ll switch.)

    it we ever DO switch but some people are left here, visit the American Girl Blog – and i’ll let ya know where we are :)

  25. the busytown caretaker says:

    im going to put on a production of the doll nutcracker.

  26. we r chating on kit movie one kk

  27. the busytown caretaker says:

    if anyone wants to know why i call myself the busytown caretaker its cause i started a doll town called busytown in my room!

  28. hey does any body go to MMS???????

  29. the busytown caretaker says:

    whats that?

  30. I actually didn’t want Samantha but it is sad that they are canceling her. I plan on hunting down her movie so that me and my AMG: JLY doll Sadie and I could watch it together. It’s a shame to see her go.

  31. Karissa Bowden says:

    The first time I saw her was in a little magizne she was wonderful to look at
    she was wonderful. I have a little sister who has Felicity,I have Molly and Emily.
    My friend is Madison persinger she has Kirsten. I love samantha she has such a beautifal face. It would break my heart to see her little face dissapear.She seems like a good best friend to many people and she is to me.Ever scence i heard it on the computer I started crying that moment.I still am now.
    well I can’t say it the best cause i will miss her.Please let her stay here
    please i want her i don’t want her to leave. pleaselet her stay, if she can’t then here is a good by to nellie and samantha , Good by may seem for ever farewell but in my heart is a memory and they’ll be there
    p.s. let her stay please, please let her stay
    loveA good friend Karissa

  32. Karissa Bowden says:

    to samantha I sing
    good by may seem forever farewell but in my heart a memory that i will keep and in my heart you’ll be
    please ,please, please,pleaselet her stay i love her
    love karissa

  33. Isabella Jean says:

    I wish Samatha would come back!!!!!!!!!! She might come back. She should. I mean I just wish that Icould get her!

  34. Isabella Jean says:

    Do you guys think Joesfina will go next? I’m getting her on my birthday.So I don’t mind if she goes next.

  35. Isabella Jean says:

    Guys, please tell me you’re going to leave more comments! I’m getting lonely!

  36. Isabella Jean says:

    Guys, Mattel isn’t bad! They’re not being mean.AG has to make room for new dolls.Since Felicity did, Samatha will to! I mean, Mattel suggested to make a doll near Sam’s time, because we miss Samatha and Nellie.

  37. Isabella Jean says:

    I think it’s to late to rescue Sam.This is really bad! Please don’t be mad at me! I’m just saying what I think.Sam was there since I had my first AG doll! It’s just sooooo sad!!!!!!!!!

  38. Isabella Jean says:

    I really want Sam to come back. She is missed by trillions of girls. Maybe more.It’s just so sad like I said earlier.American Girl made a big mistake for retireing Samatha!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Isabella Jean says:

    Joesafina came to my house today!They should retire Joesafina instead!(because I have her now!) I think Joesfina is an amazing preson!!!!!