It is pretty much common knowledge in the Doll Diaries community that Molly would be joining our doll family. Well, guess what? She’s here! Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook already knew that though!

American Girl Molly

Diana has been egging me on for a while, trying to help me find THE PERFECT Molly. She has sent me listings for the Goodwill Auction site and on eBay. I have watched some, bid on some, and completely passed on some. But then she sent me the listing for this Molly – she wasn’t listed as a Molly, but she is – and she is the right Molly for me.  She was a buy it now for $79 and was well worth it.

My Molly arrived wearing a retired outfit from the American Girl Club (2004) – the t-shirt, shorts, shoes and hat. These items are pretty hard to find, because they were only available for a limited time and were only available to members of the American Girl Club. Megan was a member and we still have some of the items she got with the points she had earned.

My Molly did not come with her glasses or her meet outfit, but her face, eyes, hair and limbs are in EXCELLENT condition. Her legs are a little loose, but that is from her sitting for prolonged periods of time – and they are no worse than any of our older dolls.

I just happen to have a pair of Springfield Collection round glasses that look a lot like Molly’s original glasses that I have her wearing. You can get a better look at the red American Girl Club tee, white shorts and red espadrilles she came in. The bucket hat is reversible and in my opinion, it looks better on the striped side.

Coconut wanted to give Molly a big welcome and the two of them are snuggling before Molly goes to find her red striped pajamas.

I’ll take more photos of Molly over the next few days and I want to do a photo shoot of our 5 historical dolls with their 5 best friends, too.

Have a great evening! You still have time to send in photos of Mia for Throwback Thursday if you have them