Lucky Lena bought Hearts for Hearts Mosi and Shola the moment she could and they have arrived at her house. She was kind enough to take a few photos right away and send in her first reactions.


Hearts for Hearts Girls Mosi

I’m a bit disappointed that the feather in Mosi’s hair is plastic, but otherwise very happy. She also has no code, just a tag saying how many languages are still spoken by Native Americans in the US and Canada. Shola’s has how Kabul (her city) in 3000 years old. Mosi’s boots are rubber.
I think her earring is very Navajo style, but she is no longer officially Navajo. Apparently they made her Native American to represent all tribes, but her style is still very much Navajo.
Shola has LONG hair. The hijab (headscarf) is removable, and has a bit of velcro to make it easier. She has Lilian’s flats in purple (no awesome boots) and no pants (which is a no-no) but is otherwise so adorable . She has the same eye color as Lauryce.
Hearts for Hearts Girls Shola and Mosi.
Thanks again Lena for sending these in!!