One of the cutest doll lines in the mid-size play doll range is Hearts for Hearts Girls. Each of the dolls in the series stands 14″ tall and represents a different area of the world. For every Hearts for Hearts Girl purchases, a portion of the purchase price is donated to children’s causes in the countries represented by each doll through World Vision, a global humanitarian organization. Last summer we bought the Hearts for Hearts Girl Lauryce, a girl from Louisiana who was affected by Hurricane  Katrina. At the time Natalie also had her eye on Zelia but we decided to wait on her. Finally Zelia came to our doll family as one of Natalie’s birthday presents a few weeks ago.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Zelia from Brazil

Zelia lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she is busy helping with housework and animals on the family’s coffee farm. After learning her country’s rainforest is quickly disappearing, Zelia knew she had to find a way to help protect it. She is encouraging her  friends to plant the seed of a rainforest tree in an effort to preserve this essential habitat. Zelia wears a butterfly t-shirt, representing one of the endangered species from the rainforest.

Hearts for Hearts Girl Zelia

Zelia is vinyl with big cinnamon colored eyes, rooted red hair and arms and legs that move. Like the other dolls in this line, she is very well made for the price point ($30 – ish) and can share some clothes with Corolle Les Cheries dolls.

Hearts for Hearts Girl Zelia

She comes with blue butterfly earrings that match her butterfly t-shirt. Her outfit is a blue butterfly tank tee, denim shorts, plastic tennis shoes, a yellow sports jacket and her earrings.  From this angle you can see the only thing I don’t like about Zelia – and that is the unnatural way they did her bangs in her hair. Other than that she is super cute and makes a pretty good little sister to the American Girl dolls. 

A closer look at Zelia’s butterfly top. It is a basic sleeveless t-shirt with her favorite blue butterfly on it. I actually like Zelia in the blue and think the outfit looks better without the yellow jacket. Next on my list is to let her try on some of the other Hearts for Hearts Girls clothes we have. I bet she will look cute in Rahel’s school outfit.

Zelia comes with plastic tennis shoes that do not have laces. Each one has a little heart charm that pops into the lace holes. Be careful with these – they come out super easy and are not always cooperative when it comes to putting them back in.

Zelia’s friend Lauryce is so happy she is here and can not wait to have some adventures! Even Felicity and Saige were on hand to greet Zelia and welcome her to our doll family.

Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls are definitely worth it if you can find them in your local stores. Try Target and Toys R Us first. You can also find them on Amazon and at the Hearts for Hearts Girls website.