Hearts for Hearts girls doll Dell One of our readers, Evelyn, just got Dell from the Hearts for Hearts line and was nice enough to share some pictures of Dell. Here’s what Evelyn has to say about Dell:

Dear Char,

Your post awhile ago on the Hearts for Hearts girls had me wondering about the dolls.  Then while watching tv I saw a brief commercial on them and it brought them to the fore front of my mind again.  So when I was at Target I had to pick one up.  Remembering the pictures you posted on you’re website I knew which ones I wanted to look at to get, none of which I bought.  Just like other dolls, in person they look so much better than their commercial photoshoot.  I ended up getting Dell, from the USA for several reasons.  Each doll comes with a story on how they help their local community, and the passions they have in life.  Dell comes from the Appalacian Mt, in Kentucky where her dad was a coal miner until he got laid off.  She enjoys music and hiking back into the mountains to deliever food and warm clothes she has knitted with her friends. They also have a website where girls can go on and play games and design a “home page” that represents them.  Each doll is also based off a real girl, which I find fascinating.  I just love Dell and had to share her with you.  I hope you don’t mind.  There are a lot of pictures, I was having fun.

http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn52/americanchld/americcan%20girl/?ac tion=view&current=006-2.jpg

Thanks so much Evelyn for sharing your photos with us!!

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