When I ordered my Wilde Imagination Ellowyne I knew she was pretty, I knew she was very different from our American Girl dolls, but what I didn’t expect was that I would have so much fun with her! Ellowyne has a more grown up personality than American Girl dolls – she’s into fashion and make up, she can’t decide whether this whole teenage thing bores her or not, she loves Pandora radio (and Pandora bracelets) and chatting with her girlfriends. She reminds me so much of my teenage daughter.

Ellowyne is very photogenic and I will be sharing photos of Ellowyne and her adventures as we start to grow our collection. Enjoy!

Ellowyne picks out her baubles

Elle trying to decide what jewelry she might want to borrow from Megan.

Ellowyne makeup

“Ooh, this girl has great taste in makeup!” says Elle.

ellowyne wilde imagination

A package arrived today… what could it be?

Putting on the makeup

“Love the new eye shadow palette, Megs!”

Ellowyne Fresh Sugar

“Is this one for me?” Elle loves Megan’s taste in makeup. Maybe Ellowyne can get Megan to do some clothes shopping for her, too. πŸ™‚ Or I can try sewing her a new top or two.