One of our readers, Holly, sent in a note and a few photos of her new Cutie Pops doll earlier this week.

From Holly:

While I was in the hospital this past week (Had my ACL, MCL, and knee cap reconstructed) a commercial for Cutie Pops dolls came on TV. I had made a comment I would like to have one. My dad went to out local Wal-Mart and got me one with the dog. He got me Starr (which isn’t even on their website yet, her and Caramel aren’t even supposed to debut until late fall!). Cutie Pops dolls have interchangable eyes, hair, and you can add pop on accessories to their clothing. With their pets you can change the ears, and tail. They also come with a collar and skirt where you can also accessorize it by popping the little details in just like you can the doll’s outfit. They’re also extremely good quality, and very poseable.

Cutie Pops Doll

Holly’s Cutie Pops doll with her interchangeable eyes and hair.

Cutie Pops Doll Dog

Starr’s cute black and white puppy.

Cutie Pops Doll Starr

Swap out the Cutie Pops eyes so they look asleep, awake or winking 😉 The Cutie Pops are 13″ tall.

Cutie Pops Doll Starr

The same day, I saw a review of the Cutie Pops on The Toy Box Philosopher’s blog with even more photos, too.

You can find Cutie Pops at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and other major retailers for about $20. There are a variety of accessory packs and a Decoration Station (it looks like a cross between a salon and a stage) as well as pets available right now.

Thanks for sharing these photos, Holly.