Stop the presses!!! Have you seen the coolest Valentine’s Day cards this year? They feature the Tonner Toys City Girls, they are interactive, and you can buy them at Target. Behold.

City Girls Valentines

Natalie and I saw these yesterday and at $4 for a package of 32 of the coolest Valentine’s around, we couldn’t pass them up. Β 

At first they just look like your everyday girly girl Valentine’s cards but flip them over and…

It tells you how to activate the InstaMotion feature and actually interact with the Valentine’s Day card. When Natalie’s City Girl came to “life” on her phone screen she literally screamed across the room at me – it was very cool.Β 

Have you seen these yet? Have you played with the InstaMotion feature? I am going to have to play with it a little more myself, but I am just happy to see the very cool City Girls in such an unexpected but perfectly appropriate place.