Do you enjoy finding dolls who have been retired, are classical and make your head turn?  I do!  With today’s technology they are so much easier to find – the internet has allowed us to enjoy pictures of these precious and very hard to find dolls.   About a year ago a friend mention a line of dolls made by the joint team of Effanbee-Tonner.  Tonner has since purchased  Effanbee and Effanbee is no longer manufacturing dolls.  When they were working together Effanbee wanted to bring back some exceptional dolls that were designed in 1936 by an artist named Dewees Cochran.  In 19 36 she created dolls modeled to look like little girls with human hair wigs and wearing contemporary dresses.  In 2003 Effanbee introduced Gloria Ann and later in 2005 Ruth Ann, Tonner created their contemporary outfits limited to 1000 pieces.

So who is she?

Introducing Straight A’s Ruth Ann, who made my head turn when I first saw her on the Effanbee Tonner website that is still up only to admire the beautiful dolls once produced.   Ruth Ann is 21 inches, she has very long rooted saran hair, has a good weight to her and is very well made.  Her school look outfit is immaculate and extremely well made as with all the outfits created by Tonner.

She comes with eyeglasses which give her an adorable look.  She is a redhead with blue eyes and very light freckles.  If you look closely she has two tiny dimples.   The her face paint is subtle and give her a young girl look.

Getting close without the glasses, can you see her freckles?  What beautiful blue eyes with real eyelashes not painted!

Since Ruth Ann is modeled to represent a 1936 doll, she arms and legs are straight but very poseable.  Her head tilts in every direction.  When she sits her legs to open as with most classical dolls.

She is very photogenic, the sunlight against her red hair makes it shine.

Ruth Ann loves the outdoors, she spotted a woodpecker.  Look she is pointing to it.

Her outfit consists of  a front open down long sleeve striped shirt, a sleeveless knit vest, a pleated plaid wool skirt and white tights.  She also comes wearing black Mary Jane shoes.

This official line of dolls was called  “Gloria Ann & Ruth Ann American’s Children”, this Ruth Ann was named “Straight A’s Ruth Ann”.   I was very lucky to be able to find her and she is now in a new home.