It’s so easy to create a fashionable holiday outfit with I Love to Create’s fabric paint.  Here is a fabulous one for Isabelle to wear tonight for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

If you like her rainbow, the tutorial to make it is HERE, over on my blog.

To make to outfit, I used an outfit from Springfield Dolls (jeans and a white t-shirt).

I added Scribbles Holiday Green fabric paint and because it works as an adhesive too, a few buttons from my Laura Kelly collection with Buttons Galore.  To make a little stand alone shamrock, I used the paint on a piece of black felt so I could cut it out later.

I added some silver Tulip brand fabric paint to the jeans to make them sparkle.

I think Isabelle is ready for her big night of celebrating the Luck ‘O The Irish.  Do you?

Happy Creating For Holidays and Every Days,