In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I did a quick photo shoot with three of our dolls yesterday. 

Carpatina and American Girl dolls

In their Irish best, we have Carpatina 18″ slim body Celtic Princess Rowena, American Girl Historical Nellie wearing her Irish Dance Outfit of Today, and American Girl of the Year Saige in the Carpatina Celtic Princess gown for 18″ soft body dolls. What beauties!

Carpatina and American Girl dolls

A a look at their gowns from top to bottom – the gold ribbon trim is the same, but that is it.

Carpatina and American Girl dolls

Saige and Rowena side by side. You can see that Rowena’s hair is longer and her curls are more defined. Saige has had her hair in two pigtails for a few days so her curls are actually a bit droopy right now.

American Girl Nellie in Irish Dancing outfit

Nellie’s Irish Jig is looking pretty good, don’t you think? This is one of two Irish Dance outfits that American Girl has released – the other one is from 2007 and has a hairpiece of ringlet curls (on my list to eventually get).  Nellie’s dress is velvet with embroidery and silver trim. I think it is just too sweet on her!

Saige and Rowena were looking on and think that Nellie is ready for her big St. Patrick’s Day performance!

Don’t forget to wear green today!! Sunday Showcase is coming up in a while!