Happy Birthday USA! Our dolls have been working hard on their parade float and they are so excited it is finally parade time! The cool thing about a parade on Doll Diaries is that our parade entries come from all over – which makes it so much fun. Come join the fun…

Our dolls are having fun in the parade led by Molly. Natalie made the float by decorating a cardboard box.

Amanda and the girls at American Girl Doll Play have quite the parade going on today – click over to see the rest of the photos, but that is some parade!

From Lauren – Felicity and Elizabeth in front of the very first American Flag sewn by Besty Ross. This one was painted by me though.

From Lauren -My Build-a Bears Tess and Daphne saw Elizabeth and Felicity at the photo shoot and decided they wanted to model their outfits too!

From Lauren -My dolls dressed in Red, White, and Blue to show off their American Girl Spirit! From left to right: Bailey, Julie, Molly, Ruthie, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Hannah in the center.

Madelon’s Saige is ready for a parade – if it will ever stop raining!!

ShannieJo sent in the following pictures of her dolls having a July 4th picnic:

Happy 4th of July!  It is a wonderful and sunny day for a July 4th backyard barbeque with some close friends.

Emily is in charge of the buffet table and has created a wonderful spread of goodies for all of her friends to enjoy. For the banner we simply used a piece of ribbon and some triangle fabric pieces we had on hand. The table is Molly’s table which is retiring soon. The bowls, cherry pie, and dollies are in Addy’s ice cream set. We filled a bowl with wooden apples.  The hotdogs and sandwiches which sit on Felicity’s cake stand are from various american girl sets.  The plates and white buckets are from the dollar store. The flowers are from Molly’s retired birthday set and the silverware is wrapped in cut up napkins and tied with ribbon. The Coke glasses are from a local store that went out of business and we simply cut down large bendy straws. The table runner is a piece of old jean material.

Julie is manning the grill with her frosty root beer float and Ivy is relaxing and enjoying the sun.

Molly and Saige are talking and stopping to smell the wonderful red and white petunias.

Here they are celebrating and enjoying the wonderful tasting food. We hope you all have a happy, safe, and fun holiday!

This is my dolls having fun at the picnic! Felicity and Natalie are playing jump rope, while Susanna, Elizabeth, Rebecca and Elsie are eating. 🙂 God bless America! May we always be free! -Sarah

Happy July 4th from Madelon and their doll family!