Wow! We have some serious Samantha fans among us! Take a look at all the birthday wishes that were sent in for Samantha on her birthday.

From Sheryl – Samantha and my daughter, Hannah are BFFs! Did you know Samantha is a Girl Scout? Ready to heady to a Girl Scout Meeting in TN!

Sam keeps a lookout at a Daisy Scout meeting.

Sam playing cashier.

Sam chilling

Sam and Jess at home.

Samantha went with my daughter, Hannah, into surgery for her amblyopia this past year. She has been by Hannah’s side since the time she was born in 2007.  Dolls can be powerful friends!  Happy birthday Samantha Parkington.

Happy Birthday Samantha – from Madelon

Also from Madelon – Nellie and Samantha on the swing.

Happy birthday Samantha! My dolls are having a birthday party in the gym for her. Bambi (customized MAG 33) is doing a back handspring on the mat. Saige is preparing to do a mill circle on the bar. Isabelle is doing a front handspring on vault. Samantha, the birthday girl, is doing a backbend on the wedge mat. Josefina is walking on the beam. Soon they will go eat cake. They all wish all Samantha’s a happy birthday and everyone a Happy Memorial Day. From Julia.

?From Shelby-Grace: Happy birthday, sweet Samantha! My twin girls, Cecelia on the left and Samantha on the right, want to wish all the other Samantha dolls a happy birthday 🙂

From Sharry – Here’s a picture of Julie at her friend’s house, holding a Pleasant Company Samantha mini doll. Happy Birthday Samantha! We’re glad you’re coming back for future generations!

I’m not sure who sent this in, but it is Mini Samantha at her birthday party opening a card.

From Christian Homeschooler –  Elsie is preparing for a birthday picnic for her cousin, Samantha.  She made a cake, too.

Here is an up-close picture of the cake.  I was inspired to make this cake from the instructions on how to make a Camp Doll Diaries cake.

Doesn’t Samantha look gorgeous in this photo from Diane?

From Sara – This is an old picture of Samantha with her best friend Nellie. They are my absolute favorite characters out of the general historical character collection, as well as two of my oldest dolls. Ever since I saw their movie I have loved them.  Happy Birthday Samantha!!

From Lynn – Samantha celebrates her birthday by eating a chocolate frosted brownie with a blue candle on top! Happy Birthday Samantha!

From Erin – my daughter’s Samantha doll had a sleepover birthday party.

From Leah – Happy birthday Samantha from my sisters & I. Doll family to yours!

Thanks to all who sent in photos!