Considered by many to be the single most recognized American Girl, Samantha Parkington is a classic! Today is her birthday – May 26, 1895 – so a virtual birthday party is in order!!

Samantha Tea

My Samantha getting ready for her birthday tea. The tea cart and all her treats are from The Queen’s Treasures.

Rhonda from Living a Doll’s Life sent in these photos of Samantha and Addy sharing some birthday treats.

From Liz – In honor of Samantha’s birthday, here is a picture of Nellie giving Samantha a big birthday hug!

From Stephanie – My Samantha on the day she arrived home. I bought her NIB off of eBay this past March, I was really lucky to get her new so long after her archival!

Also from Stephanie – My Zoey (#34) and Sam dressed for Summer. I made Zoey’s dress, and Sam’s dress is from Bestdollboutique on Etsy.

And Samantha with her hair freshly re-curled and dressed in a pretty blue ensemble from DebrasDollDreams on Ebay – also from Stephanie.

From Ellie – Mini Sam is celebrating her birthday! For this special occasion, Elenora bought her a dog! She called it Dot Face and always has it by her side!

And a Happy Birthday video for Samantha from Katie.

From Miriam – Nellie and I were up late baking because she wanted to surprise Samantha with petit fours.

From Carol M – Samantha is my oldest AG doll…19 years old!   My Granddaughter Delaney made the “cake” and set all the dolls up for the Birthday Party photos.

From Carol M – Samantha’s party.

Did  your dolls help Samantha celebrate today? If so, send in a photo or two to and I’ll add it to this post.

PS – Cecile’s birthday is Tuesday, May 28th so if you have any photos of her celebrating, please send them in, too.