According to American Girl, Rebecca’s birthday is April 4, 1905 which makes her 108 today – I think she is aging well, don’t you ūüėČ

Since we do not have Rebecca (but we are going to visit her today at the American Girl store), some of our wonderful regular contributors have sent in photos for us to share with you. 

The first three photos of Rebecca celebrating her birthday are from Jen and Zoey of American Girl Doll Play.

Rebecca is ready to celebrate her birthday with her two best friends.

Melt my heart!! How absolutely adorable does Rebecca look in her Doll Diaries t-shirt, the top from McKenna’s practice outfit and the skirt from the Roller Skating outfit? A wonderful birthday look indeed!

Time to enjoy cupcakes, open presents and have fun with friends! McKenna, Rebecca and Kristen are ready to celebrate! 

And now, some photos of Rebecca celebrating in her own time period thanks to Miriam and her daughter Eliana!

Rebecca gets this pink hat for her birthday. (I made a replica of it Рthis is not the AG one. The way I did it was cutting a circle in the pink fabric and then I sandwiched the edges of it between two layers of white felt and fused it together. Then added ribbon and flowers)

Hanukah pic has Rebecca and her Hanukah set. (oops, if you want, I can take again with the shoes that go with the Hanukah outfit. Forgot to change them! I changed the doll and fixed her hair, while my daughter did the sets. 

Rebecca in her PJs snuggled up ready to read her book.

Miriam’s daughter as Rebecca. ¬†The hat is AG but the rest was made by Miriam. Lovely!!

From Karen K –¬†Rebecca was my first AG. This was taken her first day home.

Also from Karen K. – Rebecca in a button dress she made.

Michelle recently rescued her Rebecca from a resale shop. Rebecca looks beautiful in her new home and ready to celebrate her birthday.

Happy Birthday Rebecca!!