Actually that should read “Happy Belated Birthday, Nellie!” American Girl character Nellie celebrates her birthday on October 15, 1895 and believe it or not, I even had this in my planner and just got so carried away with other things yesterday that I forgot to post the birthday wishes for Nellie.

American Girl Nellie

Nellie is American Girl Samantha’s best friend. On the morning of her birthday she was getting ready for a special tea party in her honor. The silver brush and mirror are from Samantha’s collection. The backdrop is from American Doll Room and the day bed and dresser are from The Queen’s Treasures. And, yes, these are items in the queue for giveaways this fall!

American Girl Doll Nellie

Nellie arrives at the Tea Party to find her good friend Elizabeth and Kirsten already seated at the table and delicious cakes from The Queen’s Treasures set out on the table.

American Girl Doll Nellie

Nellie makes a wish as all her friends sing Happy Birthday to her.Β 

Have a great day and stop back in later today for more doll fun!