Happy Birthday Molly

Drum roll please…. we are celebrating another American Girl character birthday today!

Emily and Molly

April 22, 1934 is considered to be American Girl historical character Molly McIntire’s birthday.

While we do not have Molly, we do have Emily and quite a bit of Molly’s collection, believe it or not. Molly is most likely the next historical doll we add to our collection – mostly because she needs her best friend who we already have. We have Felicity & Elizabeth, we have Samantha & Nellie, and we have Julie & Ivy, but Kit and Emily are best friend-less still. Luckily they get a long just fine with everyone else!

printable molly word scramble

In celebration of Molly’s birthday, I have a word scramble about Molly’s world that you can print out and solve. I made this in 2006 for another web site that I no longer own, and all the answers can be found in Molly’s books or on the American Girl website in Molly’s section.

Click here to download Molly’s word scramble as a PDF file that you can print out.

American Girl Molly

Madelon’s Molly is having a birthday performance! Molly is performing on her stage wearing a red dress made by Our Generation.

So, have a Happy Birthday Molly!!

Have you seen her movie or read any of Molly’s books? What are your favorite scenes or pieces of her collection?


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  1. Isabella says:

    I see this and I just scream over at my Molly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY!Even though I usally celebrate it on christmas. I just realized. After I get Kaya, I need to get either Emily or that MAG I want. I will tell you which I get!

  2. Happy 78th Birthday Molly!

  3. Hi, the American Girl store is Tyson’s is having some events today to celebrate Molly.

  4. Happy Birthday, Molly!

  5. Wow happy bday Molly! I can’t believe shes only 78

  6. happy bday

  7. I don’t have 18in molly but I do have holiday mini Molly Though

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow AG characters have a lot of birthdays near each other!

  9. I love Molly! I have the most of her collection. I Have Molly, her Miss Victory Outfit, her accessories, her bathing suit, and her PJ’s. I also count my Emily collection as my Molly collection, since I don’t have Emily, so I also have Emily’s holiday dress, Emily’s PJ’s.

  10. cool too bad the auction for that molly doll dosn’t end for 3 days emily will be so happy if I win

  11. Man… Molly is a lot older than I thought! :) HAPPY B-EARTH DAY!! Get it? Haha, like birth and earth combined? Yeh…

  12. I thought you were going to say Molly is most likely to be the next historical retiring, but insted you sai dthe next to add to your collection. I was for sure a few years back they retired Molly, at the timeilo ved American Girl but neaver knew much about it or read the books, but i remember a catalouge saying something like ” We will say goodbye to Molly”. But i guess not. My little sister wants Molly i have a molly but she’s been lovedalo t and i think we got her from a yard sale, but I call her Lizzie. I want Molly, Marie-Grace, and possibly Emily and McKenna. Oh and I want Emily’s Holiday dress!

  13. I really liked Mollys books. I saw the movie and it was my favorite! I have Emily too.

  14. happy birthday molly

  15. I got Molly in 5 th grade about 5 days before Halloween. I got Emily last Christmas. I remember being little and looking through aAmerican girl catalogs and thinking that Molly was a smart artist because i couldn’t read about her to know that me and her are the most a like then most of the other dolls that American girl has. And may I admit that in thrid grade I had trouble with muliptlication but now I have over come it and can actully do my facts in 2 seconds or less.

  16. Ryan-Kennedy says:

    When is kit and Julie`s birthday.

  17. Kit is May 19 and Julie is May 1

  18. Happy birthday Molly!!!!

  19. Oh my! Julie’s is coming up!

  20. I have an idea for apicture for the photo contest but i cant fid the camera! And its eems a little cold and wetish outside…. i have a bulid a bear lounge chair that’s great for AG dolls, i thought that would be cute in a picture.

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Molly Saves the Day is the best! I have Molly and Emily and a lot of their collection. Mainly clothes and accessories, no furniture.

  23. Felicity’s b-day was yesterday. She’s 247!

  24. Anastasia says:

    Happy Birthday, Miss Molly! I love everything about Molly’s collection. I also really like her era, and her character in the stories always makes me smile. I hope to collect for her for a long time.

  25. i got spa fun today

  26. the book

  27. Grace42399 says:

    I got Molly for Christmas this year. We had a big birthday celebration on the 22. It was fun!

  28. MOLLY IS AWESOME! We celebrated her B-day! I made some cake out of sponges and Molly and my other doll had a picnic! I have read all the books and seen the movie a million times. I love the part where at the end emily reads Charels Dickens.


  30. abigail says:

    I have molly

  31. Is her birthday over?

  32. Emily is so pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. aglover says:

    cute i just got kit and her birthday is tomorrow