Drum roll please…. we are celebrating another American Girl character birthday today!

Emily and Molly

April 22, 1934 is considered to be American Girl historical character Molly McIntire’s birthday.

While we do not have Molly, we do have Emily and quite a bit of Molly’s collection, believe it or not. Molly is most likely the next historical doll we add to our collection – mostly because she needs her best friend who we already have. We have Felicity & Elizabeth, we have Samantha & Nellie, and we have Julie & Ivy, but Kit and Emily are best friend-less still. Luckily they get a long just fine with everyone else!

printable molly word scramble

In celebration of Molly’s birthday, I have a word scramble about Molly’s world that you can print out and solve. I made this in 2006 for another web site that I no longer own, and all the answers can be found in Molly’s books or on the American Girl website in Molly’s section.

Click here to download Molly’s word scramble as a PDF file that you can print out.

American Girl Molly

Madelon’s Molly is having a birthday performance! Molly is performing on her stage wearing a red dress made by Our Generation.

So, have a Happy Birthday Molly!!

Have you seen her movie or read any of Molly’s books? What are your favorite scenes or pieces of her collection?