When I did my Happy Birthday post for American Girl historical character, Molly McIntire, last year I had to use a photo I had taken of her in store and I had one photo from Madelon to use, too. This year Molly is celebrating in style since she is now part of our doll family and quite a few readers have sent in birthday photos.

Molly’s birthday is April 22, 1934 which would make her 79 today! Molly and Emily  have decided to celebrate Molly’s birthday with some fun at the lake today. Emily is trying to figure out how they should play Bocce and Molly is not being much help. Emily is wearing a swim coverup from MyDollsLife.com and the Bocce set is from AG. Molly is wearing her 1944 Swimsuit. This is one of the better valued sets as it comes with the swimsuit, shoes, a towel, a beach ball, sunglasses and a shell necklace for $34.

From Munkfan: Kailey and Julie are helping Molly celebrate her birthday.

From Miriam – Emily made the cake so Molly could have her dream princess tea party.

From Madelon – This year Molly has a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party. The movie made its premiere in 1939. Molly dresses as Dorothy, of course.Toto, get down! No birthday cake for you.”  Happy Birthday, Molly!

From April in Australia – “Molly just arrived on Friday as a gift for my birthday from my girls-how lucky am I? Our historical doll collection is now complete!”

From Liz – My Molly is so excited it’s her birthday, and she wants to wish all the other Mollys out there a happy birthday too!

From Alyssa –  Molly’s having a special birthday treat!

AGLovestudiox made a a short stop-motion of her Molly opening her gifts.

Molly tells me this is her best birthday EVER!! If you have birthday photos for Molly, post them on our Facebook page, Instagram (tag us @dolldiaries), or email them to me at share@dolldiaries.com.

PS – Happy Birthday Noelle (aka MarshallNature), too!