Happy Birthday Marie Grace

Happy Birthday Marie Grace! According to American Girl her birthday is March 3, 1843.

Marie Grace will be enjoying these yummy treats from Miniare Cafe.

Madelon got Marie-Grace’s dress from a seller on eBay – I just love the lace details at the neckline and the color is perfect for her.

The American Girl Publishing website has some printable activities – like these Fancy Fans – that you can download and use for your Marie-Grace birthday party! For a complete list of the printables, visit the Marie-Grace and Cecile Printable Activities page.

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  1. Firsty Happy Birthday Marie Grace

  2. Happy birthday Marie-Grace!

  3. Yay! I have Marie-Grace! Happy birthday to all Marie-Graces out there!

  4. Madelon that dress is gorgeous!
    I want one, Marie-Grace!

  5. Fourth and totes cute happy birthday marie grace

  6. Happy Birthday

  7. Happy birthday Marie grace!!!!

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. 7thie

  10. lanielover says:

    Happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday Marie grace!

  12. I wrote a poem about her: Marie grace has a lovely thin face
    The thinnest of the girls in AG place
    It makes her look older
    It makes her feel bolder
    But just in case
    She’s still our lovely Marie grace!

    What do you think?

  13. sabrina says:

    happy b day Marie Grace!!!

  14. sabrina says:

    happy birthday marie grace!

  15. happy birthday! : )

  16. Happy BDAY Marie Grace! My Birthday is next Sunday!

  17. Audrey and MARIE! says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I have Marie-Grace too! Happy Birthday Marie-Grace!

  18. I have her too so Happy birthday marie grace

  19. HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY U GUISE! [Isabel: Sorry, Fiona is getting a little excited.] My dog, Otto shares a birhday with Marie-Grace! He turns one year old today!!!

  20. juliet_the_great says:

    16th-ie ! the only reson i don’t have marie-grace is because of the curls and braids make it hard to do her hair ( so Ive heard) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! ( :

  21. juliet_the_great says:

    ( don’t want your comments in moderation, just make the smiley backwards , mouth before eyes)

  22. cordelia says:

    Happy Birthday, Marie Grace. I think that this doll has such a sweet face and the dress’s colour and style look lovely on her. A good choice, Madelon! And thank you, Char, for the link to the printables. These will make a good activity for when the dolls need some quiet play time.

  23. Oops I forget one thing My doll Cecile would like to wish her Bff a great bday too

  24. Happy Happy Birthday, Marie-Grace! I think you are the prettiest of all the AG dolls! I love mine, although I changed her name to Jane and her birthday is December 16th. : )

    Madelon – love the dress on your doll!

    Char – thanks for the pritable fan link, it looks like fun!

  25. Happy b-day Marie Grace! You are now 170 years old! LOL

  26. I have Marie Grace. My dolls a planing a birthday party for her and a welcome party for Saige!

  27. Happy birthday, MG! 😀

  28. Yay! Happy birthday MG!! My Marie-grace is celebrating her birthday with a tea party with the rest of my historical dolls! 😀

  29. Happy birthday Marie Grace!

  30. Madelon says:


  31. She’s looking GOOD for 170 years old… :)

  32. juliet_the_great- I have Marie-Grace and I LOVE her!! I took the braids out and the hair is a little tiny bit shorter. Not enough to matter. And I love the curls just DONT BRUSH THEM OUT or you wont get them back.

    Happy Birthday Marie-Grace!!!

  33. Happy birthday Marie Grace :) this is her first birthday (sense she was released last year)

  34. RaeAnna says:

    Happy birthday Marie-Grace!