Happy Birthday Maplelea Taryn

Maplelea Taryn

According to the Maplelea Facebook page, today is Taryn’s birthday so Madame Alexander Favorite Friends McKayla and American Girl Nicki are helping her celebrate with an afternoon making s’mores by the campfire.

Happy Birthday to our Canadian friend Taryn!


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  1. Firstie! Adorable!

  2. I hope you have an amazing birthday, Taryn! How old are you turning?

  3. thirdie! Happy birthday taryn!
    Char, when will the next giveaway start?

  4. Thirdie

  5. Thirdie :) Happy Birthday Taryn!

  6. Isabella – the next giveaway starts Friday

  7. woops fourthie…and did I mention how much I LOVE giveaways!!!! lol thanks Char

  8. ok. thx char!

  9. Happy Birthday Taryn!

  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday taryn!

  12. Cool

  13. happy bday tayrn

  14. I really wish that I had a Taryn Maplelea doll. I don’t even have one.