Happy Birthday Kit

Today is Kit’s birthday! Kit was Megan’s first historical doll and she is probably the most well-traveled and loved dolls in the collection. Let’s wish Kit a Happy Birthday today.

Our Kit in her meet outfit.

Kit stops to chat with Ruthie who is getting the table linens ready for the party later today.

From Tarynn – Kit on her birthday with Watercolor, our cat who recently passed away.  In loving memory of Watercolor, I am sending this picture in.  She’s a cutie!

From Katie – McKenna is giving Kit a big birthday hug! Sisters forever.

Suzanne posted this Happy Birthday Kit photo on our Facebook page.

From Felicia – Kit as Annie for her birthday!

From Katrina – Kit in the True Me meet outfit from 2010 looking out the window thinking about her birthday and wondering if any one remembered. Happy Birthday Kit!!!!

From Miriam – Kit taking a birthday scooter ride.

From Stephanie – Kit is enjoying her birthday in her new button print dress from Doll Clothes by Evie!

From Linda – Kit was disappointed that it was raining this morning, on her birthday. But she had a great rain outfit to wear (Springfield, discontinued).

From Linda – After lunch, the sun came out. She was so excited that her favorite flower, lilacs, had opened. They smell so great. Mom said she could pick in a bouquet to enjoy in the house.

From Linda – Kirsten came over to wish Kit a “Happy Birthday!” She brought Kit a sun umbrella. They decided to take their dolls for a walk and try out the umbrella. A happy ending to a happy day!

If you have any birthday wishes for Kit, leave them in the comments below or email me a photo at share@dolldiaries.com.

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  1. AW! Kit is so cute! Happy Birthday Kit!

  2. Awwww! Watercolor is soooo cute! I’m vey sorry that she passed away. But hey, she’s probabley very happy right niw in kitty heaven watching you! Happy Birthday Kit!

  3. Happy birthday kit!! i love the 2, 3 and 5th picture.


  5. Tarynn- Watercolor is so cute! I’m so sorry that he passed away.
    Suzanne-That’s such a great photo!

  6. Happy bday Kit! 😀 @Alyssa mine too. :)

  7. Todays also my birthday! 11 years old! It’s cool to share a bday with an Ag doll!

  8. sabrina says:

    happy b day kit!

  9. Happy birthday! Watercolor is adorable.

  10. Happy birthday Kit! Felicia, I love that Orphan Annie dress!

  11. iloveag says:


  12. Lindsey :) says:

    Happy Birthday Kit ! :)

  13. Happy birthday Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lindsey :) says:

    Tarynn – I am very sorry for your loss . Both your Kit and Watercolor are cutie , though ! 😉

  15. Lindsey :) says:

    Opps ! I mean cuties !

  16. Emmalee says:

    TODAYS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Oh and I got the part as a fat person in a play I am in this summer! XD

  17. Emmalee says:


  18. Emmalee says:

    Sorry so exided

  19. Thanks Melody, Addie, Paige, N, and Lindsey for the nice comments, Watercolor is probably smiling right now. Thanks Char for posting my picture!

  20. Happy Happy birthday Kit and many more to come!!! :3

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. Kathryn says:

    Happy Birthday Kit! I love you!

  23. Happy Birthday Kit! Kit is sooooo adorable. 😀 (oh, and so is Watercolor… that has got to be one of the cutest kittens I’ve ever seen!)

  24. Happy birthday kit! Watercolor is so cute! Happy birthday Emmalee!

  25. Thanks, Jeneca!

  26. Oh and Julia thank you also!

  27. GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want kit!!!

  28. Happy birthday Kit!!! Kit is my absolute favorite historical doll

  29. Watercolour is so adorable!

  30. Happy birthday Kit! :)

  31. Thanks, Avery!

  32. Happy Happy Birthday, Kit! and Emmalee! : )

  33. Great photos, Everyone!

    Tarynn – Watercolor was so cute! I love cats… I’m sure you have great memories! : )

  34. Poor Watercolor! He was adollable! I loved the stop motion video

  35. Happy Birthday Kt! My Kit is now 9 years old. She was my first doll ever and love her so much. I don’t think I would be posting this if I didn’t get her for Christmas that year. She is the one that started my collection and now has grown to 5, and will possibly be adding 4-5 more, and my collection will be complete. Thank you so much Kit. Happy Birthday once again.

  36. watercolor is so cute! happy birthday kit.

  37. Tarynn-Watercolor is ADORABLE!!!

    I have Kit! She turned 12 today, so we are now the same age (my birthday was about a week ago)!!! Happy Birthday Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  38. Lindsey says:

    Happy Birthday Kit!!!

  39. I got Kit in 2008 and she was my 2nd doll. She means so much to me. Happy Birthday, Kit! :)

  40. Lindsey :) says:

    Hey ! There’s another Lindsey :) ! ^
    Hello , Lindsey !

  41. Thanks Tony, Mariah, Anna G., and Lydia! Watercolor would be very pleased. :)

  42. Makenzie says:

    Happy birthday kit!

  43. Tarynn- I’m so sorry to hear that your cat Watercolor passed away. My dog Priscilla did too, so maybe now they are playing happily together in heaven (:

    Happy Birthday Kit! Kit looks SO very cute in her “Annie” dress! I also like her in her button print dress! Have a GREAT day Kit!

  44. May 19th is my birthday too! I’m so happy to share a birthday with an AG Doll!

  45. cordelia says:

    Happy Birthday, Kit; you look lively and cute in all of these wonderful pcitures. I hope that you had a great party yesterday.

    Tarynn, your picture of your ktity, Watercolor, is so sweet; I am sorry for your loss and I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I have had many cats over the years and I hope that they are playing happily with your Watercolor, perhaps running after catnip mice.

  46. sabrina says:

    Tarynn, sorry that your cat passed away. I’ve had 2 pets pass away so I know how you feel. And happy birthday Kit!

  47. Thank you for the sweet comments, Lauren, Cordelia, and Sabrina. I’m sure Watercolor is playing with your pets somewhere, happy as can be.