Today is Kit’s birthday! Kit was Megan’s first historical doll and she is probably the most well-traveled and loved dolls in the collection. Let’s wish Kit a Happy Birthday today.

Our Kit in her meet outfit.

Kit stops to chat with Ruthie who is getting the table linens ready for the party later today.

From Tarynn – Kit on her birthday with Watercolor, our cat who recently passed away.  In loving memory of Watercolor, I am sending this picture in.  She’s a cutie!

From Katie – McKenna is giving Kit a big birthday hug! Sisters forever.

Suzanne posted this Happy Birthday Kit photo on our Facebook page.

From Felicia – Kit as Annie for her birthday!

From Katrina – Kit in the True Me meet outfit from 2010 looking out the window thinking about her birthday and wondering if any one remembered. Happy Birthday Kit!!!!

From Miriam – Kit taking a birthday scooter ride.

From Stephanie – Kit is enjoying her birthday in her new button print dress from Doll Clothes by Evie!

From Linda – Kit was disappointed that it was raining this morning, on her birthday. But she had a great rain outfit to wear (Springfield, discontinued).

From Linda – After lunch, the sun came out. She was so excited that her favorite flower, lilacs, had opened. They smell so great. Mom said she could pick in a bouquet to enjoy in the house.

From Linda – Kirsten came over to wish Kit a “Happy Birthday!” She brought Kit a sun umbrella. They decided to take their dolls for a walk and try out the umbrella. A happy ending to a happy day!

If you have any birthday wishes for Kit, leave them in the comments below or email me a photo at