While American Girl character Kirsten is retired, she sure is popular still. One of the original three, Kirsten’s stories continue to be favorites for girls of all ages. Today is Kirsten’s birthday and we have a few birthday wishes for her.

Our Kirsten with her friends Elizabeth and Samantha in the background.

?From Shelby-Grace: Happy birthday, sweet Kirsten! My Kirsten wants to wish all the other Kirsten dolls a happy birthday, too 🙂 Since I do not own her birthday dress, I put her in her best dress and did a small braid over the top of her head for a fancy style .

Kirsten( pleasant company 1989) is celebrating her birthday with cake, cupcakes, cotton candy, and her sisters. Her 25 sisters are getting a party set up for her! –GraceKelly

From Molly W -In honor of Kirsten’s birthday, her “cousins” Elsie, Emily, Ellen, Jerry, and Sam took this picture and made a postcard out of it to give her.  On the other side they wrote birthday messages.

Thanks to all who sent photos in!