Happy Birthday Julie

One of our favorite American Girl Historical Characters, Julie, is celebrating her birthday today! When Julie was released a few years ago I was fascinated by her! Julie’s birthday is May 1, 1966 which means she is the same age (give or take a year or two) as most of my friends and me. We wore bell bottoms, we were the first generation of girls who played sports in school, we had lava lamps, shag carpet, and banana seat bikes – just like Julie. I think that has a lot to do with her popularity – that and her long, straight, blonde hair.

American Girl Julie Birthday

Julie’s best friend Ivy and their friend Madison have got the party table set up. Ivy brought Julie some balloons and a few presents. Madison brought the cake and sandwiches and now they are just waiting for Marisol to come celebrate with them.

American Girl Julie Birthday

The girls are just waiting for Marisol to join them! Marisol had a big 5K race and is just resting for a few moments before she has treats with the others.

American Girl Julie Birthday

Julie is saying “Thank You” to Ivy for the thoughtful party, the balloons and the gifts!

Happy Birthday Julie

Lu loves her Julie and wishes her a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Julie

Madelon sent in a photo of Julie having birthday pie in bed! The pie stand is actually a soap dish from Target.

Happy Birthday dear Julie!! Share your birthday wishes for Julie, tell us your favorite Julie stories and outfits/accessories, too! Or if you want to send in a photo of your Julie, like Lu did, I will add her to this post.





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  1. Happy 46th Birthday Julie!

  2. madelon says:

    Love those plates! Where did you get the caake?

  3. soap dish! omg so clever! I would never have thought of that!

  4. That cake is from the Sweet Treats Bakery Set we got in 2007.

  5. Caitlin says:

    Happy Birthday Julie! I almost got you but…. things happen!

  6. Happy bday other Julie’s in the world!!!! It’s my lanies bday because this is the day I went to Chicago and got her I’ve always had my first doll melodys bday this day to, 8days before mine but I’ll still send in a pic of jUlie! :) because its other Julie’s bdays to. :)

  7. agisthebest says:

    oh, how i LOVE julie!
    i got her for christmas 2011.
    and i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

  8. Natalia says:

    I love my Julie doll. I will try to send a picture of Julie as soon as possible Char. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy birthday Jules.

  9. Happy Birthday, Julie! She’s the same age as my parents, but they had a different childhood since they grew up in Europe.

  10. YAY for Julie!!!!! and Happy Birthday!!!! i wish i had you!! (lol)

  11. happy bday julie

  12. Happy Birthday Julie! I don’t have you, but I love your collection! I just ordered her floral jumpsuit. It was on sale last week for $22. I have the 2 in 1 swim outfit too. It’s really weird, my mom is about the same age, but that’s not all Julie and my mom have in common.

    1. Both have divorced parents
    2. Both have (had) a bunny
    3. Both played basketball
    4. Both dads are/were pilots

    Then we found a picture of my grandmother in a jumpsuit! It looked just like Julie’s so I had to get it!

  13. agisthebest says:

    char could you do a a post with a pic of of your american girl dolls, all of megans american girl dolls, and all of natalies american girl, and if you have any others? please…………………

  14. Here are photos of almost all our dolls in February – http://dolldiaries.com/our-girls-decked-out-in-shades-of-pink/

  15. have a super groovy birthday Julie!!

  16. Wow, Happy Birthday Julie Albright! I was born in July 1966, so I’m definitely from thay era. I remember all the groovy stuff there was in the 70s, and (in my opinion), the greatest time to be a kid. (all us old timers think like that). Even though I don’t have an AG Julie, my Springfield Collection Julie and I like to enjoy that outta site decade and all the fun things in it. Happy Birthday AG Julie, and thanks for bringing the 70s to the kids of today!

  17. I forgot! Happy B-DAY Julie!

  18. emma- That’s so cool! I think my Dad was born in 1954, which i thought he was born in the 1960’s, but i guess i’m wrong. idk

  19. I have that bed! (The one in the last photo).

  20. Happy birthday Julie! Char- Did you get the pictures I sent? Just asking. :)

  21. Yes and I have already posted the Mia photo in the Sunday Showcase

  22. agisthebest says:

    thx char!

  23. granof4 says:

    It’s Julie’s birthday? Far-out man! Have a Happy Birthday Julie! You are really cool and hip!

  24. Tish Steue says:

    Happy Birthday Julie!;)

  25. omg i love julie happy b-day!!!

  26. Hula girl says:

    Hey! Happy birthday, Julie! And many more!

  27. Princess Belle says:

    :) Aww, happy birthday, Julie! Have a fantastic day!

  28. Happy Birthday Julie! Happy May Day!

  29. im going to celebrate my julie albright dolls birthday

  30. Everyone,
    i wil probably get a JLM doll soon, and im wondering if i should get 94, 52,92, or 60. none of them are really “Just Like Me” I just think they are pretty. they have all “spoken” to me, as they say, but i only get an ag once in a while, and i want to make the right choice. if any of you have any of these dolls, can you tell me the pros and cons? Thank you so much!


  31. NikkiBear98 says:

    My Julie doll turned 13 yesterday (I give my dolls ages when I get them, and Julie was 9 when I got her). Happy 13th Birthday to Julie Joyce Albright! I wish you luck as you enter your teen years :)

  32. happy birthday to you happy birthday too you happy birthday dear julie happy birthday to you!!!!

  33. OMG! I have Julie and my B-day is May 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!