Happy Birthday American Girl character Julie!! In celebration of her birthday, we have a few fun photos and a video from our readers. 

You saw our Julie earlier today showing off her new birthday headband made from groovy Duck Tape.

Natalie picked a flower especially for Julie and did a photo shoot outside.

From Janet – Julie and Ivy spent Julie’s birthday outside talking and enjoying the sun together. Happy Birthday, Julie!

Julie had a after school snack on the deck for her birthday……hoping Mom is going to get a DQ cake! From Lily

From Madelon – Julie going for a drive in her VW at the store.

From Lena B – For Julie’s birthday she decided to have a pajama day.

From Shelby Grace: Happy birthday Julie! I don’t have Julie herself, but I do have her birthday dress. I got to go to the AG store a few days ago and I did get a new doll. She is the one modeling this dress. Who do you think she is? 

Julie attended Mirabella’s dad’s 40th birthday party April 3rd (it was sports and basketball themed) and she presented him with some of his favorite old school candies! From shiningstarag

From Sharry – “Happy Birthday, Julie Albright! Julie Newman and your cousin Sunny are trying to decide which cake to bake for you in Julie’s new Easy Bake Oven. Which do you like better? Yellow cake or chocolate?”

This is a video Sharry made on how to make a 70s inspired picnic for Julie – perfect for her birthday!

Thanks to all who sent in photos!