April 21, 1765 is American Girl Felicity’s birthday! Happy Birthday Felicity!! As you can see, Felicity’s friends have made her a cake and did a little time traveling in the process because the cake is from 2003 and has Coconut the dog on it. Felicity is from Colonial Williamsburg – the same place that inspired Pleasant T. Rowland to start American Girl – even though Felicity was not one of the first three dolls released.

From Madelon – Felicity with her special lamb purchased in Colonial Williamsburg.

Sally is a Leicester Longworth Lamb. According to Madelon, when they visited Williamsburg, they saw animals graze. Sally’s tag explains how Colonial Williamsburg tries to preserve 18th Century breeds like this sheep Felicity might have seen.

From Rachael – Felicity loves celebrating her birthday with her best friends Elizabeth, Molly, and Kit!

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If you have Felicity, feel free to send in a birthday wish photo to me today, just make sure it is labeled Happy Birthday Felicity.