American Girl Molly’s birthday is April 22, 1934 which would make her 80 today!  Let’s take a look at how Molly has been celebrating.

Nicola and the team at My Doll Boutique UK are helping Molly celebrate today!

From Jeanie – Molly is wearing the birthday pinafore I made for her.

From Lena B – Molly and Emily are celebrating Molly’s birthday by having a tea party.

From Shelby-Grace – Oh my golly, Miss Molly, have a holly jolly birthday! But it seems like Felicity might be getting a little jealous.

From Bella C– here is Molly and her best friend Emily enjoying some cupcakes outside.

From Madelon – Molly wears her special birthday socks and sparkly red shoes on her birthday.

From The Dolly Trolly – Mia and Rebecca love to play with their American girl dolls. Since today is Molly’s birthday and Mia has Molly, she invited Rebecca and her doll Cecile over to celebrate. They had lots of fun. Happy birthday Molly!

From Kristen L.– Happy Birthday Molly! (to all Molly’s out there) Molly and mini Molly are having cake in celebration!

Happy Birthday Miss Molly!!! Thanks to all who sent in photos.