The American Girl historical character, Addy was born into slavery in 1854 (her story takes place in 1864 when she was 10) and like many others born into slavery, Addy did not really know her actual date of birth. When she and her family move to a boarding house, she meets a new and inspiring friend named, M’dear who encourages Addy to pick a day to celebrate her birth each year – the day Addy picks is April 9.

To celebrate Addy’s special day, test your Addy knowledge by printing out this Addy Word Scramble I made years ago for one of the sites I used to own.

Addy word puzzle

Download the Addy puzzle file as a PDF and then print. You can find all the answers by visiting the Addy pages at the American Girl website.

For more Addy love, you have to visit one of my favorite doll and history blogs – The Adventures of Steampunk Addie – she has her birthday post for Addy up already, too.

And a bonus question for all you Addy fans – what is significant about the date Addy chose for her birthday?