Happy Australia Day!

One of our long time readers, April and her daughters, sent us a very special Australia Day post for us to share with you! Enjoy!!

January 26th is celebrated each year in Australia.  It is the anniversary of the day Captain Arthur Phillip arrived with the First Fleet to settle Australia.   My daughters and I decided to take some of our American friends to meet some native animals (including a live one…).

Sonali got to have a Crocodile encounter.  Crocodiles are notoriously cranky and you would never want to hold a real one.  They can grow up to 6 meters long (20 feet).

Vivi was lucky enough to hold a Green Sea Turtle.  Did you know female green sea turtles always return to the same beach they are born on to lay their own batch of eggs?

Jess held a Dugong, also known as a sea cow.  Dugongs grow up to 3 meters long (10 feet), weigh over 400kg (880 pounds) and can live up to 70 years.

Dolly met a Ring Tail Possum.  Ring tail possums are nectar eaters and are quiet shy.  We are lucky enough to have some that live in our garden.

Harmony held a Platypus.  Platypus are monotremes, which means they are mammals that lay eggs.  Platypus live in freshwater creeks, have a bill like a duck and clawed feet like an otter.

Cecile went swimming with a Fairy Penguin, also known as Little Blue Penguins.  Fairy Penguins are the smallest variety of penguins and some live right along Sydney Harbour-but are always threatened by feral cats and dogs.

Nellie said hello to a Wombat.  Wombats are not really cuddly, they are very large (40 inches/55 pounds) and dig deep, long burrows underground.

Kirsten was very brave to hold a Grey Nurse Shark.  In fact, she will be perfectly okay, because Grey Nurse Sharks are no threat to humans (or dolls) and eat only small to medium size fish.  However they are critically endangered, so they need humans to help protect them.

Mini Kaya meets an Eastern Grey Kangaroo in the grass.  As you can see it is only a joey (baby kangaroo), adult kangaroos are much larger and can be very fast.  The quickest speed recorded was 40mph!

Mimi and a Green Tree Frog.   There are many varieties of frogs in Australia.  Frogs have very sensitive skin, so you always have to wet your skin before picking one up.

Kit cuddles a Koala! Lucky Kit, although Koala’s have very long, sharp claws for climbing Eucalyptus trees.  Koalas sleep 18-20 hours a day, so Kit was lucky to catch this one awake!

Josefina got to have a hold of our pet Blue Tongue Lizard.  Her name is Bubblegum, because she has a blue tongue.  She lives in our vegetable gardens and eats snails.  She is very friendly, but most Blue Tongue Lizards are shy and would rather hide.

Thank you so much April and girls for taking the time to put together this fabulous and very educational post for us! Happy Australia Day to all our Australian readers!

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  1. Cute

  2. firstie!!!
    aww those are such cute photos!!! you just gave me an idea for sunday showcase!! the ring tail possom is my favorite picture and I like the platypus one and well… ALL of them!!!!

  3. sorry secondie

  4. Saigeluver:) says:

    i love all of them. is the lizard real

  5. Erin~ An Australian AG Fan says:

    Another Aussie fan like myself! Happy ‘straya day April! Gotta love the dugong and koala, they are real beauts! Now I’m speaking Aussie slang, what’s gotten into me!?

  6. DollsOnTheRun says:


  7. DollsOnTheRun says:

    I think the lizard IS real!

  8. 4thie!!

  9. awesome! A DUGONG! They are a cousin of one of my favorite animal, the manatee! This was such a cute idea to celebrate Australia Day!

  10. Char,This year are you going to buy Caroline or a different doll? Do you even want Caroline? Do you have any tips for curly hair AG dolls?

  11. Please Char can you post my comment it has 3 questions that I really need answered

  12. lanielover says:

    Cool!i luv australia

  13. Thank you for sending these pictures, April! The pictures were beautiful and I learned a couple of new things, too.

  14. Go Platypuses! xD

  15. Happy Australia Day!!!!!

  16. The lizard is so cool. Hey Char where did Sonali get her shirt?

  17. I’M BACK!!!! 😀 Woah, major jetlag, and now I have a cold… (Thanks Sis :P) :/ Thanks April! It’s really cool that DD has readers in Australia! Happy Australia Day! Okay, now I have to get back to unpacking so I have time to send something in for the photo contest. 😉

  18. awesome! Happy Australia day!


  20. Cheryl Freburg says:

    Is the lizard real

  21. Happy Australia Day. I”m off to ballet class bye.

  22. Char,Can you answer my question!

  23. Wow! Such a cute post! I love all the animals, especially the koala, gray nurse shark, dugong, and wombat! Thanks for sharing April!! :)

  24. Cecile went swimming with a Fairy Penguin. NO FAIR! I love penguins!!!

  25. Happy Australia Day, mates!

  26. Happy Australia Day!

  27. Happy Australia day! My cousins live there. Learning about the animals was fun!

  28. Cool! Happy Australia Day for those who celebrate it.

  29. OMG!!!!!!!!! I love animals and I want to study biology and maybe move to Australia and work at the Australia zoo but I will probably work at the Columbus zoo which is close to where I live

    also my cousin saw where the AG store will be in Columbus she said its huge. I’m going to find it next time I go to Easton

  30. Is Australlia Day like the USA’s Columbus Day?

  31. This is SO cute. I have the same little turtle stuffed animal. This post is so educational and so fun at the same time! I love all the cute little animals, especially the dugong,……. this is adorable!!!

  32. Cool!!!! I love he animals!

  33. StoryTeller says:

    Happy Australia Day! : )
    These pictures are so cute! Thank you for sharing them, April!
    Bubblegum is adorable– for a lizard. : D Does she just roam the garden without being kept in a cage? Do you have to worry about her running away or getting eaten?

    Platypuses (platypi?) are some of my favorite animals– they’re so goofy! Another fun fact about them is that they’re the only poisonous mammal– the males have a poisoned barb on their hind leg (I don’t remember if it’s just one leg or both). If I were to choose a weird exotic animal for a pet, it would totally be a platypus. : D

  34. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about places I haven’t been. Your blue tongue skink is awesome. My boys have been long time admirers of that lizard and wanted to go to Australia just to see one!:)

  35. Cute!!!#

  36. Thanks everyone! Yes, the lizard is real, she doesn’t run away; we found her in our garden 6 months ago and she just keeps hanging around. Occasionally she hides from the intense heat, but she is fairly easy to find.
    Hailey; Sonali’s T-shirt is one from Lanie’s collection.
    Fiona; I think Australia Day is more like 4th July; big picnics and BBQ’s, some towns do street parades, lots of celebrating with family and friends.

  37. Megan!!!!!!! says:

    ohh what great pictures!!! and i LOVE the name Harmony!!!! beautiful just beautiful!

  38. Great fun!

  39. Crikey! what great pics! Love them all… and Bubblegum is so cute! Happy Happy Australia Day! Thanks for sharing! : )

  40. Agnieszka says:

    Great pictures! And very interesting information – now I know more about Australian animals than ever before.

  41. It’s also called manatee

  42. dodododoodododododo AGENT P!!! OH NO! He got soaked in chocolate!
    ;D such a cute post! LOVE the lizard 😀

  43. What a great post! thank you, April, and Happy Australia Day. This would be an excellent post to use in a doll classroom for a geography or nature lesson.

  44. very cool information! thanks for sharing!

  45. Is the lizard real? I can’t tell. Also, my friend went to Australia and got me a Kangaroo holding an Australian flag! So cute!