Oh, this was a fun week at Camp Doll Diaries! To wrap it up – or happily ever after it – how about one of Diana’s fun photo stories?


The Princess Shoppe – Be the Best YOU can be!

Mia and Beth meet up to going shopping at their favorite boutique..The Princess Shoppe

“Look Mia,” said Beth, “they have new dresses!”

Inside Beth went straight to the shoe rack.  Mia sat down to try on some shoes.  Jacob (Prince Charming in disguise) comes over to help her with the silver shoes….;-) Will they fit?

Saige and Dabbie are trying on the new dresses. Saige asks Dabbie “How do I look?”   Dabbie says “Oh! Saige, white is definitely your color!”

Dabbie’s turn at the mirror.  Dabbie says “Mirror, Mirror who is the fairest of them all?”  To their surprise the Mirror response…both of you are my sweet princesses!

Franca appears (she is the store owner, the Queen).  Welcome to my Princess Shoppe, my friends.  Let me show you the newest dress, where a princess can be the best that she can be!   Both Saige and Dabbie are amazed at the beautiful pink gown.

Oh wait, look who has just arrived!  It is Anastasia (stepsister to Dabbie).  Beth asks Anastasia, will this belt look good on me?   Anastasia is so upset, all she can say is “Oh my, nothing fits!”   Poor Jacob, trying to find the right shoe..or the right girl?

A look at what all is going on in the Princess Shoppe, do you see the paparazzi?

 As with all good fairytales we too have a good ending.   Dabbie and Saige love their outfits and leave with a bag of wonderful items.  Franca waves goodbye, and hopes to see them soon!

Fun Facts:

  • Saige and Dabbie’s dress are new from Our Generation
  • Background is from AG – one of my finds at Goodwill