Morgan visited the aquarium this week and her favorite part was the tide pool display.  It is a touch and learn tank with live sea animals.

The colorful starfish caught her eye first.  All three were firmly attached to the side of the tank.  She gently touched their slippery and bumpy texture.

The sea urchin was a beautiful purple and prickly all over.

The strange green flower and the even stranger pink tipped flower with thin petals moving with the water was the sea anemone.  What a surprise when her hand brushed past it and the “flower”  instantly closed up and disappeared.  It wasn’t a flower at all but an amazing sea animal!

What fun to explore the tide pool display!

Let’s make a tide pool display for dolls!


  • felt in a variety of colors (I’m using Kunin felt)
  • pom-poms
  • scissors
  • fabric markers
  • sea shells

The base of the tide pool display is an assortment of small sea shells and rocks in a small plastic container.  You could even print off a picture of sea shells if you don’t have sea shells on hand.

The sea animals we are going to add are starfish, green and pink tipped sea anemone and purple sea urchins.

To make the starfish, cut stars out of colorful felt.  Add texture and designs with a fabric marker.

The purple sea urchin is simply a purple pom-pom.

The sea anemones are made with pom-poms.  Cut 1/3 of the pom-pom off.  For the green anemone add blue felt centers to the flat side of the pom-pom.

For the pink tipped anemone add pink to the edges of a white pom-pom.

Add the sea animals to the sea shells.  Have fun with the starfish, it is common to see them bent onto rocks or even the edge of the tank.

I wonder what’s hiding under the rocks and in the shells?  Wouldn’t it be fun to spot a hermit crab or a spotted octopus?

What fun to see these bright and beautiful animals that live under the sea!