I just want to take a few minutes and say thank you to all our readers for such an amazing month full of Halloween fun!! From Karen’s cool crafts to all the great photos of your dolls all decked out for Halloween – October will be a month that is tough to beat! We gave out about 30 Doll Diaries t-shirts to our parade winners and while I wish I could have sent one to everyone of you, it just wasn’t possible. However, I am absolutely LOVING all the photos that the winners are sending me of their dolls modeling the t’s.Β  I’ll have to come up with some more ways to reward our readers with Doll Diaries t-shirts… so, stand by!!

The winners from Week 4 – which had more than 60 entries – were:

I still need to do the wrap up video for week 4, but in the mean time, head over to our YouTube channel and check out the wrap up videos for weeks 1, 2 and 3.

While I have you, have you entered to win the cute Chef’s Outfit and Kitchen Utensils set from the Queen’s Treasures yet? And if you think that is cute, you need to make sure you are visiting us often in the weeks to come – we have at least 3 more BIG giveaways (as in furniture for your dolls) scheduled and I’m pretty sure we will have even more.

Thanks again!! Doll Diaries readers are the BEST!

PS – yes, those are my daughters. Minnie Mouse collects Holiday Barbies and the fashion designer Barbies and Laguna Blue frequently answers comments here as Alex17 and helps me do all the product reviews.